The other day at the mall, Zombie Girl and I randomly found this giant preying mantis on somebody’s car tire. Normally we get mantises, like, no bigger than an inch long around here, but this gal was seriously three.

We took her to a nearby park and put her in a greener, less inherently squishtastic place.

So that was unexpected.

Hey, guess what! Today is the start of my birthday countdown! 32 days until I turn 32!!!

The only stupid thing my teacher did today (at least the only one I feel like recording) was trying to tell us that, if you have an improper fraction as the final result of an equation, you have to convert it to a mixed number before you can do any reduction.

And now for pairing meme. Day 11: Character you like with several others – Fluttershy

Friendship is Magic is actually kinda like Firefly in that I love pretty well every possible pairing among the mane characters because each one has a unique and fascinating dynamic. But Fluttershy is the character I find most interesting paired with just about anyone. I even like her with Big Macintosh, and I’m not usually all that interested in dredging stallions out of tertiary-characterdom to pair them with mares that should really be lesbian.

Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash are probably the most interesting option, largely because R.D. is just such an asshole that there’s a learning curve automatically attendant upon the relationship that makes for fun character development. But Fluttershy and Rarity make me squee with delight; they go so well together. And let’s not forget the random Fluttershy and Trixie pairing that AVery Strange created and made into pretty well the best pairing EVAR.

*sigh* Oh, Fluttershy. Why are you best pony. (THAT IS NOT TRUE RARITY IS BEST PONY)