Lots of homework due yesterday; I spent the entirety of Thursday after school (amounting to about eight hours) getting it finished. It was all pretty stupid stuff, too. His face kept mostly to anatomy throughout this week, but yesterday we did get back into the “study skills” nonsense that brings out the worst in him. He often reacts very negatively to things people in the class have to say, and then after several unpleasant minutes tells them he was just messing with them. This has made a lot of the class very leery of asking him questions or answering his questions… and then of course he gets annoyed at them because of this. And the offensive generalizations and judgmentalism continue. But yesterday marked the halfway point in this particular stupidity… only three more weeks, and then we get to go to our real classes.

Speaking of only three weeks… twenty-two days ’til my birthday! ^__^ It looks like Zombie Girl may still be here for my birthday after all, since her visa application is taking forever to process. Not terribly pleasant for her, but a fabulous birthday present for me.

Last night I had this really muddled dream that was partially a Disneyland dream (with the usual ZOMG we’ve been here two out of three days and I haven’t actually gone on any rides yet!! business) and partially me being the main character of The Brown Bear of Norway. I’d evidently taken a level in badass, though, since when I found my estranged children I just took them with me; and when I got to the witch’s castle I started kicking people’s asses demanding to know where my husband was XD

Right wrist/hand has been at fluctuating but generally moderate levels of pain over the last several days. I rested it, more or less, on Tuesday and Wednesday (which was why I had to get most of my large volume of homework done on Thursday), and have managed to get some mom’s site work done yesterday and today. I just have to make sure I stop at a reasonable point instead of persisting through growing pain.

Of course this means I’ve been recording as well, since, as I’ve mentioned, this is a good way to rest my upper extremities and still feel productive. I have only two parts of Plastic left to read. One is part 100, which last night I forced myself not to proceed to at the raw end of my voice; the other is a sex scene, which kinda has to be read when the parents aren’t home lest I get a stake driven through my heart or something. And then I’ll have the whole thing read! Though I haven’t edited any of thems for a long time and am still only about halfway through that process. Which means I’ll probably start making raw recordings for some other story whenever I need to rest hands and wrists, and raw recordings will continue to pile up forever XD

I probably have other things I need to mention, but I always tend to forget them all when I’ve neglected my journal for several days. Ah, well. Pairing meme instead. Day 15: A ship canon really messed with – Link and Midna

Link and Midna TP SPOILERS by =Garagos on deviantART

WHY, MIDNA, WHY?!?? Every time I finish that damn game and she shatters that damn mirror, it makes me rage all over again. It’s funny that I’ve never really been into Link and Zelda together (well, except when Zelda turns male and they play gay duets; gay duets seal the deal pretty well every time), but I was sold on Link and Midna by the end of that game.

Of course the problem is that Link rarely has any type of personality because you’re supposed to assign him one yourself. And then Zelda rarely has any type of personality because… people suck. But Midna… Midna had some personality. Maybe not as much as I would have liked, but she definitely had some, and what she had was freaking awesome. That line quoted in the art above made me squeal. What a fantastic game.