SONG MEME. Now 20% cooler. (i.e. with answers)

1. She said, “Yes, I do, but not with you; I’m waitin’ on my man.”
Every Dog Has Its Day – Toby Keith

2. This loathsome gargoyle who burns in hell, but secretly yearns for heaven
I Remember … Stranger than you Dreamt It – Andrew Lloyd Weber

3. I’m like a loaded gun, peelin’ off my boots and chaps / I’m saddle sore
Back in the Saddle – Aerosmith

4. You can pretend or you can try — move ahead, lay down dead, or slip on by (guessed by prettier_angled)
Ask DNA – Raj Ramayya (Funny how I credited composer on #2 and singer on this one; I’ll totally accept Sarah Brightman / Michael Crawford for #2 and Yoko Kanno for this one)

5. A former cop, undercover, just got shot, now recovered
I-E-A-I-A-I-O – System of a Down

6. For a memory of one kind word, she would stay among the beasts
Eva – Nightwish

7. If you try to sit, I’ll tax your seat / If you get too cold I’ll tax the heat
Taxman – the Beatles (ugh)

8. She’s the kind of a girl that makes the “News of the World”
Polythene Pam – the Beatles (What, really? Two Beatles songs in a row? Double ugh)

9. Elle sourit / enfermée dans sa camisole, on sent que rien ne la désole
Ella Blesse – Vegastar

10. Your lips are moving / I cannot hear / Your voice is soothing, but the words aren’t clear
I’m Looking Through You – the Beatles (OK, usually it’s David Bowie that dominates this meme, but today obviously we have other ideas. At least I actually enjoy a fair percentage of David Bowie’s stuff, though…)

11. I drive a Rolls Royce ’cause it’s good for my voice
Children of the Revolution – Bono, Gavin Friday, and Maurice Seezer (Moulin Rouge version)

(At this point I deliberately skipped T-U-R-T-L-E Power)

12. What can I say? I tried to hold you, but the moon got in the way
Miss Sun – Toto

13. But all that I really wanna do is wrap you up and get in the groove
Birthday – Destiny’s Child

14. Is this a lasting treasure, or just a moment’s pleasure? (guessed by kelkatan)
Will You Love Me Tomorrow? – Debbie Gibson

15. I’m grateful for my struggles, trials, and tribulations I’ve been through
Gospel Medley – Destiny’s Child

16. They thought they really had control of me / He really thought he really had control of me (guessed by mango_fox)
This Time Around – Michael Jackson

17. Time devours passion’s beauty with me, with you, in war for the love of you
Come Cover Me – Nightwish

18. Girlfriend, you’re always trying, always trying to steal my shine
Fancy – Destiny’s Child (OK, the number of Destiny’s Child albums I have is in no way comparable to the insane number of Beatles albums I have {insane for a non-fan of the Beatles}, but apparently the player is in the mood for them today XD)

19. And I’m happy, or so it seems; I just don’t know for how long
Losing My Mind – Until Further Notice

20. And the walls shall have eyes and the doors shall have ears
Slow Burn – David Bowie

21. See how they hang on every word that I speak / My approving glance is what they all seek (guessed by prettier_angled)
Becoming Popular (The Pony Everypony Should Know) – Daniel Ingram (I’ll accept Kazumi Evans for this one)

22. You’d think that by now we’d know how to handle this, but we never will
Come Back with the Same Look in Your Eyes – Andrew Lloyd Weber (or Bernadette Peters, since she’s all I really care about there)

23. Ich komm wieder in zehn Tagen als dein Schatten, und werd dich jagen
Asche Zu Asche – Rammstein

24. I’d give you everything I’ve got for a little peace of mind
I’m So Tired – the Beatles (Never again will I do this meme without putting a limit on how many songs I’ll include from any given artist, if only so I can skip all these stupid Beatles songs)

25. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyuh! Teachersleavethosekidsalone! (guessed by mango_fox)
Another Brick in the Wall – Richard Cheese

26. Sie mag den Weg mit Rosen streun, weil Rosen stets bei Dornen sein
“Tamino mein ! O welch ein Glück!” – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

27. So many days have passed me by / You saw the tears in my eyes / You wouldn’t stop to make me feel better (guessed by kelkatan)
Please Mister Postman – the Beatles (-__-)

28. And I shake / Turn and turn again / Worm, the pain and blade / Turn and turn again

29. I realize I have to pay the dues for setting loose this sea of flames
The Night All Angels Cry – Krypteria

30. Mi sey, “No officer, yu muss be mad…he only smoke cigarette & strictly shad
Under Mi Sensi – Barrington Levy

31. You die for her philosophy, die for her philosophy / Then her philosophy dies
Suite-Pee – System of a Down

32. He think he hot cause he’s BSTA / I bet he never had a social life anyway
D.S. – Michael Jackson

33. Do you fall asleep missing my kiss in the dark, wake up the next morning not sure where you are?
Are You Feelin’ Me – Toby Keith

34. Koushite iru to omoi dasu ano hi no yoake / Tsuki ga shizumi taiyou to omae ga umareta
The Song of Epona – (This is from the Mario & Zelda Big Band Live CD, and the only credit I’ve got for it is “Mr. Yoshihiro Arita (with his band).” I assume Kondou Kouji wrote the music, as usual, but I have no idea either who this singer is or whom the lyrics came from)

35. Well I love you, baby, and you ought to know I like the way that you wear your clothes
Honey Don’t – the Beatles

36. Tell me that you love me, baby / Let me understand / Tell me that you love me baby
I Wanna Be Your Man – the Beatles (I’m not sure whether to laugh or to cry at this point)

37. Someday I’ll try again and not pretend, this time forever / Someday I’ll get it straight, but not today (guessed by uninformed)
Have You Ever – the Offspring

38. You tried so hard to be someone that you forgot who you are / Do you know just where you are?
BRING IT ON – T.M. Revolution

39. Let me fill your heart with joy and laughter / Togetherness, well, that’s all I’m after (guessed by kelkatan)
I’ll Be There – the Jacksons

40. Bokura no furusato hikari to tomo ni sodatsu satto no chikara shimese dekai yume
Toripuru Faitaa no Uta – Animetal

41. You shall own a cambric shirt / You shall work your father’s land
Come and Buy My Toys – David Bowie

42. Bishwash garda dhoka payen / Hanso khojda rodhana bheten
Birsana Sakina – Aastha

43. I’d give my jewels and caviar to make this daydream mine
Ching A Ling – David Bowie

44. Overbearing advertising, god of consumerism, in all your crooked pictures looking good
Boom! – System of a Down

45. Dear Mariah, the world’s not big enough for the both of us when we live in the same town
God Send Conspirator – Coheed & Cambria