Last call for guessing songs lyrics before I post the answers!

Yesterday I was doing that thing I do with Zombie Girl (running errands). We were walking along in the mall when all of a sudden, for no apparent reason, my neck started hurting like mad. It felt like a pulled muscle, but I hadn’t done anything. I couldn’t turn my head to the right without a burst of mad pains, and after a while it was kinda radiating down my right arm too. This was stupid and annoying. What’s worse, it hurt so much it kept me awake most of the night, so I ended up skipping school today. Now I’m sitting here with a hot-rice-sock on it wishing it would stop.

But while I was partially asleep and in pain last night, I had some dreams. In one, Hilde and Duo and I were a sort of street gang that took in homeless children and helped them. Apparently we did some terrorism or something too? because, like, the military was after us or something. We had two childs with us, and I guess there was some hope of finding the parents of these, but a bunch of military dudes were after us.

Hilde and I were covering our escape with some badass weaponry; Hilde’s was a machine gun and mine was, like, a small rocket launcher or grenade launcher item. So we got to a place where we were momentarily safe from the military dudes, and there were two more childs for us to take in and help.

But just then this other group — mercenaries or something — appeared, and took us so much by surprise that Hilde and I had no time to get our weapons ready. I tried to bluff, but they could see that my launcher item was empty. They declared that they just wanted Duo, and that if he would surrender the rest of us were free to go.

Duo kindly explained to the children that he had to go away now, but that it was very important that we all try hard to find the parents of the two childs whose parents we might be able to find. And I shed bitter, angry tears at the fact that this kind person was being taken away from a good cause that he still thought of even at a moment like that. But that was the end of that dream.

In another dream, Spike (MLPFiM Spike) had been declared king. And I was sometimes Saitou and I was his loyal follower. We sat on his flying motorcycle and looked around for stuff to clean up to improve the kingdom. I don’t even… there was… incoherent…

There was also a dream where a plane crashed on a house I was staying at, and I ran off across the neighborhood in a panic, climbing over fences and stuff… until I came to the yard of some guy that was, like, a retired spy or something, who had made his fences too difficult to climb… seriously, except for that Duo dream, last night did not make a lot of sense.

Night before last I had a dream, though, that made… OK, well, it didn’t exactly make sense either, but it had a cohesive narrative. Sortof. First I was in Safeway, where I pulled out three molars (which each only had one root for some reason) and put them on the counter, requesting that the employees fill the caries with “that temporary pink stuff” (something that existed in my dream, I guess), after which I would put them back in. They did as I requested.

Then the dream shifted to me and my family and some other people watching a movie, though, as is not infrequently the case in my dreams, we were all right in the middle of the action. It was set in space, so we were all floating in space. And even though I knew there was no gravity, I was still clinging to this thing in fear that I would fall if I let go.

So this movie was about a race of robotic aliens that were intent on bringing proper oral hygiene to the rest of the universe. It showed seven instances of them bursting in on some unsuspecting culture in order to inflict that upon them. The one we got to see most close up was where two other alien races (both also robotic) were fighting a war, and our hygiene aliens appeared out of nowhere and started forcibly brushing the teeth of the defenders.

Now, in the dream, this was not even the least bit absurd, so we were watching with interest. And then it turned out, to our great pleasure, that the other six instances all explained scenes from other movies we’d seen that year: the aliens had appeared in various movies to brush the teeth of heroes, but it had never made perfect sense until this final movie that tied all those scenes together. The only specific examples the dream gave were Superman Returns and Inception.

In the dream, we thought this was soOoOo cool. But then I woke up and laughed so hard right in bed in the morning. It was a good way to start yesterday.

So there are only 12 days until my birthday! 12 is my favorite number!

Another thing I meant to mention: every time I reread this one particular book I love, all the story ideas I’ve ever had inspired by that book come back to me. And this time around, I realized in some excitement how well this one particular idea would fit a particular pairing in Gundam Wing. I told ZG all about it yesterday (which is my usual method of hashing out details), and I’m extremely pleased. This idea never fit Rurouni Kenshin, and it’s lovely to have found a home for it.

I’m pretty sure that’s about all I have to say right now. So, pairing meme. Day 19: Favorite Hero/Villain pairing – Ban and Akabane

(OH GOOD LORD LOOK AT THAT PICTURE. Links to artist’s original post.)

Well, Akabane isn’t precisely a villain, but close enough. Or at least he’s not always a villain. The problem is, though I adore the device of villain-falls-in-love-with-hero, it’s usually the tragic, impossible nature of that love that makes the story so poignant and desirable to me — in other words, I usually don’t actually ship the villain with their object of desire. Because I’m an asshole like that. So Hero/Uneasy Ally is the best you’re going to get from me XD

Oh, Ban and Akabane. The take on them I love best is “Ban keeps Akabane from mindlessly slaughtering people by fulfilling his urges with sex instead of violence.” Nuhh. It helps that Akabane is, like, my second-favorite anime character of all time. That coat… that hat… those fucking gloves… I like him with Ginji too, but that’s for totally different reasons.