Oh, my fucking fuck, you guys, chocolate Twizzlers.

So my interview today seemed kinda meh. This is a good thing, since usually when I feel really positive about an interview I never hear from the people again.

Turns out his face wasn’t at school yesterday, and all they did with the sub was go over percentages and waste time… so I missed absolutely nothing. Ya fish. My neck is pretty well back to normal by now, which is good. Now hopefully that will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN.

Songly meme answers are up!

My mother is so annoying when she talks politics. She goes on for six hundred hours and it’s next to impossible to get out of the conversation. I don’t even know how this one got started.

I don’t have much else to say, so have pairing meme. Day 20: Favorite couple played for laughs – Amelia and Emerson

(This picture made me laugh so hard. Links to original on DA.)

Honestly, they’re kinda the only couple I could think of that even begins to fit this description. And I don’t know that I do “ship” them, precisely. I don’t get warm and fuzzy feelings about them, or mentally rhapsodize about how perfect they are together, or fume at the thought of either of them with anyone else, or feel the need to write fanfiction in order to get more of a buzz off their relationship… but what I do do is laugh my ass off at them, so I guess they fit the prompt.

Pretty well every moment of description of their relationship is hilarious. The way Amelia obsesses over Emerson throughout the entire series and her hero-worship of him… the way they argue over anything and everything… the extreme frequency with which they have sex… the good old unreliable narrator descriptions (and even the more reasonable descriptions provided by Ramses)… it’s all so freaking funny. So good jobon them, and on the author.