So there was this dumbass question in the percentage review in the dumbass math section of our dumbass textbook. “Convert to a percentage,” it says, and one of the numbers it gives is 0.87 1/4. So that’s point eight seven and one fourth. THIS IS NOT A REAL NUMBER. Of course when I raised this objection, his face replied that the point of the problem was to see if you remember the trick of moving the decimal to create a percentage, so of course the answer was eighty-seven and a quarter percent.

WHAT OF COURSE. You cannot start with a faulty premise like that. You can’t say, “Take this illegitimate number and apply legitimate mathematics to it.” Aaarrrrrggghhhh, that’s so frustrating.

OK, enough of that. On a happier note. I did a random vanity search today and discovered that my book is available on I don’t know why I should be so tickled by this, but I am.

Hey, guess what! Ten days ’til my birthday! ^_______^

I’m almost through the i section on mom’s alpha list. This is by far the most populous letter, what with all the I‘s, In‘s, and If‘s. You’d think, this being a Christian thing, that j might be the most commonly-used letter for the beginning of songs, but in actuality the j section is quite small (though what’s there does mostly start with “Jesus”). Anyway, once I’m through with i it will all essentially be downhill from there; I can practically taste the new computer *__*

Here is pairing meme. Day 21: Favorite ‘opposites attract’ couple – Zuko and Katara

(This has long been one of my favorite Katara and Zuko fanarts; links to original on DA)

Ha ha, opposites. You didn’t mean it that way, did you, meme? Da ha ha.

Ahem. Anyway. Do not get me wrong here: I love Aang and Katara together; I think they’re the cutest and most perfect thing evar. (Also, Katara and Toph? SQUEE. Oh, and Toph and Zuko is another one I love.) All of that said, I can definitely see the appeal of Katara and Zuko. Especially since I don’t really like Zuko with Mai much in any case.

“Opposites” really only applies to their elements, though; I think that in many ways they’re really very similar… and therefore probably wouldn’t actually do all that well together in the long run. Better than Zuko and Mai, sure, and probably not badly, but I don’t think they’re really optimal partners. Still, they’re a lot of fun to think about, and to squee over whenever I rewatch the series… those guys really did throw in a lot of hints to tease us.