My birthday is one week from today!!! I have to decide what kind of cake I want. For a good two decades, it was my tradition to have carrot cake (grandma’s recipe) every year for my birthday… BUT I’M FUCKING ALLERGIC TO CARROTS. It’s still definitely my favorite cake of all cakes, but I’m tired of suffering on my very own birthday. Right now I’m contemplating a white cake with lime filling and cherry frosting; we’ll see if that changes.

Yesterday I got through all the rest of the i‘s, all the h‘s, and some of the g‘s. I doubt I will get any work on that done today, but I’m progressing well… it would be awesome to have my new computer for my birthday, but that’s extremely unlikely since it has to be ordered and delivered, so that’s an extra few days added on to whenever I get finished.

Another thing I got done yesterday was finishing a very important recording project. Now I can get back to the others I was working on, which were interrupted by this one. This one was an old family favorite, though, and when I realized I needed to do it, I pretty well had to set everything else aside.

Today I got quite a bit of work done on one HoH story, and, happily, gave it a title at last ^___^ Then I tensely watched the Broncos lose to the Niners and worked on the most boring math homework in all history during commercials.

Speaking of which, math final tomorrow. Watch and see whether I get above a hundred percent on this one too. If I don’t, it’ll probably be because there was some question involving 0.87 1/4 on there and I just started writing profanities all over the paper.

Zombie Girl, who was my personal reference for the place that interviewed me on Wednesday, said they’ve called her twice (I’m not sure why twice) and seemed very positive about things; so that’s a good sign. Card I drew on the matter gives no clarity, but I’m still hoping. Especially since I’m flat out of money. Ugh.

Pairing meme. Day 22: Saddest unrequited love – Brian de Bois-Guilbert for Rebecca

(Oops, no illustration for this one. I don’t feel like drawing them {too much research involved}, and I had no idea there was so much really awful art of them from back in the day)

I already mentioned my propensity to melt whenever the villain falls in love with, and can’t have, the hero, and this is a fabulous example. Ivanhoe is probably my second-favorite book of all time, and this is definitely one big reason (among many) that I love it so damn much.

I’ve seen Bois-Guilbert described as an anti-hero or even a hero, but… no. Asshole. That said, I can see where he has the potential to be a hero… and he’s definitely extremely interesting, whatever manner of jerk he may be. And of course Rebecca’s just a badass from top to bottom, so it’s totally understandable that he would fall for her madly.

What I really love is that he feels such a connection with her that he’s willing to bare his soul and confess his heresy… that he recognizes her intelligence and logic to the point where he kinda just assumes she’ll agree with him about the backwards customs and superstitions of the people around them. And his eventual fate is so tragically romantic. He’s still an asshole that I want to smack, but maybe in an AU where he hadn’t grown up such a fucking jerk they might do really well together.