I meant to spend some of the hour between shower and bed last night making this entry, but instead I blew the entire hour answering questions on OKCupid XD

So anyway, yesterday his face informed us that some people choose which gender they want to be, and then their sexuality. Then he seemed to get some dim abrupt realization of what a fucking moronic thing that was to say, and backtracked… but only as far as, “But then there’s a whole debate about that too.” Only two more days. Only two more days.

Also, yesterday (with four days left in the course), he finally gave back all six weeks’ worth of homework. This wasn’t really a problem for me, since I got 100% on, like, everything, but people that weren’t sure how they were doing on homework — some of whom have been agonizing for weeks over what they got on such-and-such — didn’t really appreciate the delay.

His face did magnanimously say that, since he’s been out for medical reasons so frequently and we’ve done so well with the substitutes (whatever that means), he would give us some sort of amnesty for homework… but, as is his habit, he didn’t actually offer any information regarding when this will happen and what it applies to.

Today we had a substitute… this guy is so much nicer and more reasonable than his face, which wins him many points… but he’s a pretty wretched teacher. I would say, “What a wasted day,” but I worked on story for much of it, so it was actually time well spent. His face may also be absent tomorrow too; I hope so. Then there’s only one more day of him.

Well, I’m on the b‘s on mom’s alpha list. My right arm and hand are hurting, so I may have to stop soon — and also I should really think about this month’s art exchange at some point — but it’s pretty ridiculous how close I’m getting. Now, if only my computer would stop lagging so badly whilst I try to work on it -__-

By the way, only four days ’til my birthday!!!

Pairing meme time. Day 24: Couple you like that is overshadowed by another couple in a fandom – Bertie and Jumana

(OK, obviously I just give up on illustrations; this is another one that would take far too much research to draw properly)

“Fandom” may not be quite the right term, but whatever. And obviously they’re going to be overshadowed, given that they’re a side-pairing. BUT WHATEVER. I love Bertie and Jumana. As has been the trend in this meme, in this het pairing I am far more interested in the female half. Jumana is an extremely interesting character that I wish wish wish we got to see more of. Every time I reread the series I become more fascinated by and curious about her.

When, precisely, did she fall in love with Bertie? Or was it an ongoing process? If so, when did she realize she was in love with him? Was her reticence and unhappiness in The Golden One due entirely to the business with Jamil, or did some of it have to do with Bertie as well? Did she have any idea of perhaps marrying someone else, or did she plan on remaining single forever since she felt like she couldn’t have Bertie?

I watch her refrain from accepting his proposals year after year, and I have to assume that she’s been conditioned by her upbringing to put her own needs and desires after both the needs and desires of those she’s been forced to accept are her betters (men and white people), and the demands of the miserable racist and sexist society she’s fighting to make a decent life in. I can’t imagine, despite Jumana’s assertive personality, that it even ever crossed her mind that she could go against tradition and marry Bertie until Amelia did that thing Amelia does.

But I really wish Peters had given us just a little more insight into the situation and Jumana’s point of view. Obviously it wouldn’t really have fit within the narrative, but I would love to get a look into Jumana’s head and see what she was thinking about the whole thing. As it is, I’m just happy for her, and I wish her well in the difficult task of being the less fortunate half of an interracial marriage in those difficult times.