Now it’s time for me to talk about aaaallllll the happy things ^__^

Yesterday was, of course, my last day with his face. I got a 95% on my final, and apparently I have a 4.0. I don’t really know how that works (especially with that one homework assignment I forgot to turn in), but it is not a point I intend to argue. Next week we vet peoples get to go across the street to the brand-new vet building, so I won’t even be in the same building as his face. And hopefully it’ll be a real class, and it’s going to be totally awesome!!!!!!!!

Next happy thing is that I am kinda sorta totally crushing on this woman I’m talking to on OKCupid. I’m a little bit giddy about it, actually.

After that comes football!! 102-yard return in that Bronco game on Thursday (which I watched yesterday). Also? When I realized that Air Force was playing today at noon, I pretty well barged into my brother’s room to wake him up and bully him into taking me to the game for my birthday. (I did finally get some unemployment money the other day, but I am misering all over that shit. It’s half-gone on some bills anyway.) So we went and had all the usual fun at a beginning-of-the-season Air Force game, and then some delicious food! And then! We went shopping for all my birthday stuff!

Then I came home and made my cake, and it looks soOoOo beautiful so far. I did get all the frosting types I intended, but I eventually changed my mind about the lemon and set it aside for some other project. Oh, no! This means I’ll have to make cupcakes or something! The horror! (Though, honestly, that from a brony might well be… never mind.)

So that is so many things! 1. No more his face. 2. Crush. 3. Football. 4. Cakie. 5. Birthday tomorrow! How happy I am!

Also, pairing meme! Day 26: Best historical couple – Beowulf and Unferth

Um, does this count? It’s a really old poem……. I’m just not that into non-fiction, and having a hard time coming up with a legitimate “historical couple.”

Aaanyway, every time I reread Beowulf, I get all starry-eyed all over again over Beowulf and Unferth. Unferth’s like, “Oh, I will be rude to you to get your attention, and then give you gifts and support and shit to prove my love.” And Beowulf’s like, “You can have all my stuff if I die. But if I come back alive, we’ll totally make out.” Honestly, I have a hard time getting through the third part of Beowulf because once he’s left Heorot (and Unferth) I just don’t care anymore. Seriously, I ship them so hard. And I probably should have used them for “a couple only you seem to like” because I think I’m the only one. But then what would I have done for this prompt?