All right! I had a fabulous birthday and a great long weekend (I was so lucky to have been born around Labor Day; I often get a day off from stuff for my birthday ^__^), and now back to item.

Well, first, yesterday on my nice day off, my parents took me to BJ’s and bought me a new chair runner as a present. So I got to drink the best root beer in the world and I get to stop cutting my feet up on this ancient cracky horrible chair runner that I’m pretty sure I salvaged out of a trash can when it was already in bad shape.

Then today my mom actually got me another present, which was an eye exam, as it’s been a foolishly long time since the last one. Looking at new glasses online now. She was also going to get me something at Hobby Lobby, but I didn’t need much that they actually have there, and what I could have used they didn’t have in stock. But the thought was cool.

First today, though, I got to start my new class. New teacher seems rational, unoffensive, and a good deal less stupid than the previous. There is a voluble cave troll in the class, who pulled the classic dipshit move of coming into the break room where I was busy texting and just starting to talk at me as if I wasn’t totally in the middle of something else. Oh, and racism. And he was a marine. It’ll be interesting documenting his bullshit.

I got a whole new stack of books (and a beautiful teal stethoscope *__*) that look super badass despite the fact that on glancing through the very first one I opened straight to a misspelling. Also, you can tell this is a vet program… we went around the room telling about our pets, and some of my classmates have upward of FIFTEEN. Exactly one person has no pets, and she only because her dog had jealousy issues about the new human baby and had to be given away.

So everything is pretty cool right now. How about pairing meme? Day 27: Another couple you shipped a long time ago – The Hero and Dinarzad

Let’s face it, Dinarzad is the hottest, most desirable, amazing, wonderful, sexy, awesome woman in all of Glorianna, with the possible exception of Elsa. And she’s the only woman you can directly sexually proposition (with the possible exception of Nawar). Unfortunately, she’s not one of your wife options, so fuck that. Fortunately, if you choose to hand the crown to Elsa, remain single, and go back to Shapier, you’re royalty there, and I think your chances are pretty good. MmmmDinarzad.

You can probably tell from this that I don’t really have a specific Hero in mind to pair with her; I am totally projecting myself onto the Hero, as is kinda the point of the games. So this is really more “this faery as a thief (possibly with magic on the side) with all stats at 200 and Dinarzad” than “the Hero and Dinarzad.” But whatever. Dinarzad is so hot. I used to hang around her shop for hours asking her about random crap just to see if she had any more dialogue I hadn’t discovered yet.