School was freaking awesome yesterday. We had three dogs visit, and teacher drew blood from two of them, and then we played with dog blood in the lab all day. I saw so many blood cells in the microscope!! It was extremely exciting!!

Then last night I had this dream… I was at a stadium with my parents, and I had a tupperware bin full of candy and snacks. So I was going around selling this stuff, hoping to get done with that and return to sit down before kickoff. Except, when I did make it back and sit down, I discovered that we weren’t actually at a football game; we were at a Lady Gaga concert. Which is absolutely hilarious, given the bizarrely severe negativity my mom has expressed toward Lady Gaga in real life. In the dream my parents made some remark to the purpose of, “It’s better than listening to so-and-so…” I can’t remember who or what they thought was worse than Lady Gaga.

So then Lady Gaga starts talking to my dad, right in the middle of a song, for some reason. She was teasing him, I guess, about us being poor? Or something? As evidenced by the fact that I had to walk around selling candy before the concert started. I don’t really remember what happened after that, but I woke up laughing at the idea of my parents at a Lady Gaga concert.

Speaking of mom, she’s finally started in on that list of stuff I gave her, like, a million years ago for the website, so that project’s up and running again. Which means that the day of my new computer is nearer at hand!! *squeeee* I got some of that done yesterday, and will work on it again tonight or tomorrow.

Today I wrote a crushy email, organized photos, watched football, and then cleaned. To my great pleasure and excitement, I’ve finally managed to thin out my bookshelves to the point where nothing is double parked; it looks so lovely *__* Also? Did I mention the beautiful new chair runner my parents got me for my birthday? It is finally installed (since I was waiting until I got around to vacuuming the floor), and it is so wonderful. My chair can roll easily around, and my feet don’t get torn up!

Oh, birthday presents. Zombie Girl got me five big sheets of watercolor paper, and I’ve been pondering deeply what to put on them ever since they arrived. And today I got a birthday card from , for which I offer her great thanks, especially since the stickers on the envelope made me laugh so hard.

Zombie Girl. She just bought her ticket out of the country, and will be leaving a week from tomorrow. Aaaugh, I can’t stand it. I’m going to miss her soOoOo much. How am I ever supposed to run errands again? Who’s going to listen to my new story ideas? T______T

Aight, not thinking about that. I will go work on something.