So in the midst of sorrow and illness and poor sleep on account of sorrow and illness and blowing my nose every ten minutes or so and the Broncos losing, my subconscious was obviously like, “Well, fuck this… I see your misery and raise you one Best Dream Ever.” Which I do here record, even before I start getting ready for school.

My sister Pookster was visiting (as she is in reality this weekend), and while she was here she said to me, “Hey, have you seen that movie about those guys you like?” And I was like, “What movie?1?!?” So she took me to the movie, and it was about Saitou and Sano.

Saitou and Sano were already together, and in the middle of tracking down some bad guy. My dream couldn’t decide whether this movie was animated or live-action; when it was animated, it was good quality but ugly style, upon which my sister even remarked, but I really didn’t give a shit BECAUSE SAITOU AND SANO YES WHAT.

Pookster eventually fell asleep, since she’d really only brought me to be kind to me, not out of her own interest, but I and the other Saitou and Sano fans in the audience (my subconscious was even kind enough to imagine enough Saitou and Sano fans still in existence to fill a whole movie theater!) watched in excited delight. Especially the part where the boys had to camp out in the midst of their work, and in the morning they were both clearly naked in the same bed.

After the movie, the theater manager stood up and announced that we’d just watched parts III and IV of a nine-part movie, and started listing the theaters where the other parts could be watched. Everyone was a little upset that the next closest location was Santa Fe, but I think most of us were planning to go home and look for the rest of it online anyway. I was thinking with great joy that parts I and II were probably the get-together part of the story.

So that was that dream. Saitou and Sano movie for me. Pretty amazing, huh?

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled journal neglect.