Aight, before I even start talking about last week, an explanation of the move to WordPress:

Livejournal is continually making changes to their service that take it farther and farther away from what I’ve been primarily using it for, and continually leaving semi-functional or even downright broken aspects of the service untouched. And to add insult to injury, they completely ignore the feedback from their user base about these changes. So I decided to get out before Livejournal turns into another Facebook clone.

Since my two accounts on Livejournal (momentsdrift and kuroiyousei) are permanent, they’re not going anywhere, and I’ll still be checking my momentsdrift friends list. However, all content from both journals has moved here, and we’ll see how that works out; I’ve never had my personal journal in the same place as my art archive before, and the whole place is still kinda under construction.

Since I imported everything directly from lj, I have to fix all the lj-related links. Until then, the kuroiyousei livejournal is still available; as soon as all the links here are fixed, that lj will go blank and this will be the home of my art archive. I know I’ve only been using the lj as my archive for a couple of years, but I’m just so tired of lj’s crappy level of customer service and increasingly bad business model.

OK, so now that that’s all out of the way… Where to start about last week. Obviously Zombie Girl left forever, and that was extremely sad, but I have received two or three emails from her since that day. Today I made the first trial of the ‘ZOMFG I have this new idea you must listen to’ process over email; we’ll see how that goes.

Then of course I was sick. Well, I’m still sick, but I’m at that point where it’s clearly getting better, and the sense of improvement trumps the actual state and makes me feel healthier and more energetic than I actually am. Anyway, I ended up missing two full days of school and most of a third (I went in just long enough to ace a vocab test). And I need to grab a new toothbrush.

School. Last week our teacher was on vacation for her birthday, so we had a different one. I missed all her lectures, so I don’t know how good she is at lecturing, but she was decent in the lab. Oh, lab. Let me tell about lab.

There were five dogs, and we practiced restraining them. It was exhausting (undoubtedly moreso because of sick) and also kindof awesome. First off, a foot-long chihuahua is really easy to restrain and put into whatever position you need it in, but a great dane? Not so much. All of the dogs were so tired of us putting them in various positions and controlling their heads for hours on end that by the time we were about ready to go home, the dane had simply decided to stop cooperating. And it already takes two people to get a dane into lateral (on its side) and dorsal (on its back)… but when the dane in question decides it’s going to lie down and stay that way? There’s just… not all that much you can do to get it to, for example, sit up.

The little chihuahua was so freaking cute, though. This class is making me want a little dog like mad, and I think a chihuahua is maybe the kind I want. Someday when I have my own home again I will have to look into that.

There was this other chihuahua (also super cute), and this poor thing had recently been spayed… and being in an environment that reminded it of a vet’s office did not make it happy. It was fine running around freely meeting the other dogs, but when we got it up on the table to practice restraint it was so strugglesome and unhappy. It made the most pathetic squeaking noises.

Bug even sadder than the struggling and the noises was the fact that this dog would cuddle the hell out of whoever was working with it, despite the fact that that person was the inflictor of its discomfort. It wanted to be comforted so much that we each cuddled it in between each restraint position we practiced. And apparently, with the dog on the table, I was just the right height for it to bury its head between my breasts and just stand there in dejection pressed against me. So sad!!

Other types of labwork progress apace. The very first day when we played with blood, I was able to make several really good-looking and functional blood-smear slides, but then after that day I could never do it again. But last Thursday I started to manage it again to a certain extent, and hopefully on Wednesday I’ll be able to build on that.

Blood is cooler than urine to analyze because you don’t have to deliberately smell the blood and make a note of how gross it is.

So then on Saturday as I was discussing whatever with my parents, I mentioned that the laptop sale I’d been keeping an eye ends with the month… and mom was like, “Well, let’s order your laptop when we get home, then.” And I was like FREAKING FINALLY. We actually ended up buying one at the store instead of ordering it, so I had it right away *___*

So after, like, a million years (7? 8? 9? something like that), I finally have a new computer. I spent all of Saturday and Sunday transferring crap and got most of it done; I did Rosetta Stone today because I remembered that installation taking a long time… but it was quicker and not nearly as painful on this new machine. It didn’t transfer my “learner” or whatever it’s called, though, so I pretty well have to start over. Whatevs.

To my great relief (because I really didn’t want to have to do a full reinstallation), WoW copied easily and ran without a problem… and, ZOMFG, so cool to be able to turn the graphic quality up and have shadows on and everything *____* Now in, like, a million years when I get Mists, I’ll be able properly to appreciate the hell out of it.

Oh, and I can run games more recent than 1990 now, too! I’ve downloaded Steam, and though I don’t really have the money for games at the moment, I’m open to recommendations for later reference! Portal and Psychonauts are already on the list.

And I have Microsoft Word again! On my previous computer, it never worked right, and I eventually gave up on it when it ate an essay I was trying to print and I had to stay up late to rewrite the damn thing the night before it was due. So I tried OpenOffice, but that too wouldn’t run right… so I’ve been using AbiWord, which is OK but couldn’t (at least on that computer) handle documents over about twenty-five pages long. BUT NOW I HAVE WORD AGAIN. WORD UP.

My monitor is a different ratio now, so none of my lengthily-built-up collection of, like, 300 wallpapers works anymore. Some of them I made, so it’s just a question of how long it’ll take me to get around to remaking them in the new aspect, but most of them just won’t do. I only have, like, six wallpapers now, and they’re mostly MLPFiM. So if anyone reading this has any nice wallpapers from series I like (Rurouni Kenshin, Gundam Wing, Saiyuki, GetBackers, I’m too lazy to keep listing) in 1366×768 or similar, let me know? Pretty please?

OH, MAN, I totally had a Zero Punctuation marathon while I was waiting on stuff to transfer, too. It stopped playing on my old machine about twelve weeks ago, so I had a lot to catch up on. That was so freaking glorious. And DeviantArt functions properly, and functions properly, and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH THIS IS SO AWESOME.

That’s about all I can remember wanting to say about my amazing new computer.

We’re not technically done with the website work yet, but we’re still in that phase where it’s mostly me waiting on mom to upload stuff. I did the first batch of work on the new computer today, and it was deliciously faster and smoother in every way.

Meanwhile, all this time, I had these dreams that I really should have recorded at the time but was feeling too rotten to do so.

One of them starred me and Zachary Quinto as, um, people in a drama. We were adventurers of some sort, and had previously been lovers, but we’d split up under chaotic, misleading circumstances. So, like, he thought I’d betrayed him and didn’t love him or something. So in the part of the drama we got to see in my dream, I’d located his new home and sneaked in and hidden in the basement for some reason. And when he came down to see if I was there or whatever, I explained about the true reasons I’d had to leave back then, and then we made out naked.

There was some OOC talk between me and Quinto about how much more awesome Heroes would have been if Sylar had ever managed to make out with Mohinder, and how funny it was that we two gay people were playing a straight couple in whatever show this was we were doing.

In another dream, I was wandering through one of those buildings I often encounter in my dreams that seem to be an entire indoor city. I went through all the hallways and doors, doing I know not what, until suddenly I was being chased by a werewolf.

Then it turned into one of those chase sequences where I choose which door to go through among several but my pursuer somehow always knows which one I’ve taken and never goes the wrong way, and I lock each door behind me by my pursuer is always able to unlock them with no trouble and is barely slowed by it.

I came into a room, however, that had a window to outside, which was something I hadn’t encountered before in this building. I opened the window and punched the screen out and started to climb through, and found that on the outside this window was about ten feet above the ground. Some unusually-dressed people came running to help me down so I wouldn’t fall and kill myself, and in talking to these people I discovered that this window opened onto Israel sometime around 50CE. They’d had other visitors from my era before, though Poe knows what they thought of them. Anyway, there were a million rats around and lots of dog shit, which I guess tells you what my subconscious thinks Israel in 50BE was like XD

Then there was this dream where I was supposed to meet my parents at their church building… or perhaps I had a class there? It was one of those unclear school-may-be-happening dreams. In any case, I was headed down the street on foot to go to this church building, and I was walking with a couple of friends that had different destinations but whose path went with mine for a while.

Then I decided we should take a shortcut around this one neighborhood. The direction I took led us into a wood that was behind the back yards of this neighborhood, where we somehow got lost even though you’d think we’d be able to just use the back yards all in a line as a reference. Anyway, we walked right into the territory of the creepy cult. The cult leader lady came out, and she was the type of person that at a glance seems normal and not-creepy and even fairly kind and helpful, but then when you talk to her for more than thirty seconds starts to impress you with the deepest possible feeling of unease.

She asked where we were going, and I was actively frightened to mention that I was going to my parents’ church building, because I assumed that her cult didn’t think well of their religion and I might end up being sacrificed or something… but I didn’t think adding, “Oh, but I’m an art-worshiper and what you’d consider an atheist” was going to make things any better.

However, she just creepily directed us back the way we came and didn’t kill any of us, so we got out of that alive. But, boy, were we scared! We couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

There were more dreams than these, but recalling some dreams always drives out the rest. If I remember them later, I will put them into a different entry.

And then EVERY FOOTBALL TEAM LOST EVERY GAME. Too bad that wasn’t a dream. They were all pretty good games, though, so that’s OK.

And today I woke up to the announcement that Yahtzee’s audio version of Mogworld is now available. I bought it before I even got out of bed (laptop! in bed!!), because, though money is tight, you better believe I can shell out for a Yahtzee book READ BY FUCKING YAHTZEE. Oh, joy to my life. It was the best possible way to start a day or a week.

Then also today, I got a call from a place I applied to a while back, and I have an interview tomorrow. I should really call that clinical research item and see what’s up with them, since they called a month after they interviewed me and had me take a drug test, since which two weeks have passed wherein I haven’t heard from them again; they just seem to be really slow about this sort of thing. But the clinical research seems like a better opportunity than this other place, and if they want me they need to say so.

OK, I’m pretty sure that’s all I have to say.