I interviewed at an Edible Arrangements, and the nice lady hired me on the spot. It is very encouraging to be told, “You’re my last interview, and normally I would go through all the interviews I’ve done and think about this, but you’re pretty obviously exactly what we want.” I have a good feeling about this place, too, because this lady seemed so level-headed and rational.

And then, on my way home from that interview, the other place (which, I forget if I mentioned, is clinical research) called and said they’d like to offer me the job there too. I explained that I’d just accepted a job somewhere else, and mentioned the type of hours I’ll be working there, and she’s like, “Oh, that’s fine. We can work around that and just schedule you a couple of days a week opposite your other job.” So I accepted that one too :D

So how about that? Two jobs in less than twenty minutes. Should I buy a lotto ticket?

I’m excited.