Stop! Entry time. Time, however, is what I don’t have a lot of, so I’ll try to be brief and still hit everything.

EA is pretty cool. Everyone that I’ve met/worked with there is nice and fairly down-to-earth. Making the arrangements is fun and easy, though I’m not very fast at it yet. Prices are FUCKING RIDICULOUS. Also, there’s a super super cute lady working at the Jack-in-the-Box in the same parking lot, so you’d better believe I will be visiting there to eye her unnervingly and never actually say anything flirt on a regular basis.

S&A is less cool. I am a big, big fan of casualness and informality, but not when it starts getting in the way of productivity and rationality. So far it just seems like a really sloppy business model, and I’m left not knowing what the hell is going on a lot of the time. Also, the existing employees are really clannish and like to completely ignore me and other trainees. But whatevs; presumably it’ll all be cool once I get the hang of things.

School is school. Cave-troll continues to be extremely obnoxious, and several of us in the class are counting down the days (6 more school days) until we don’t have to deal with him anymore. Recently he was lecturing the teacher on hippos after she brought up hippos in the first place. Also claims not to need a license/permit for an AK-47. Today I was openly rude to him after he lectured me for the third time on proper floor-mopping techniques.

We had cats around, and that was cool. Ooh, also, I realize it’s been so long since my last life entry that I haven’t mentioned that I did venipuncture. It was on a bulldog, and it was waayyy easier than I anticipated. That was very encouraging; of course sticking a needle into another creature for the first time makes you a little nervous, but I feel a lot more confident now that I’ve done it.

Of course in any free time that comes around, after whatever the hell I need to get done for school, I’ve been working on stories in order not to go mad. I’ve actually gotten some decent work done on some things… mostly one-line-game type progress, but quality over quantity and also any writing at all to, you know, keep from going mad. Also some work on recording projects too, since that’s always good when I’m too tired or otherwise stupid for writing.

There are many more details about several of these things, and the football games I’ve missed, and dreams I can’t quite remember right now but that need to be documented at some point… and I also need to talk about Yahtzee and the new TDG album… but at the moment I need to go to bed on account of school and work tomorrow. So bye.