Ah, an entry at last. This past week has been telve busy, what with finals and working every day, and pretty well any free time I had was spent not doing anything because fuck doing anything at that point. But I got through it, and I shall mention some things now.

We had our vocab test on Monday so we could have the first final the next day. So on Tuesday, I felt the final went pretty well, though everyone else was grumbling, the way they always do after every test, about how hard it was. When everyone was done, we all went back inside the classroom (which those that are finished vacate to allow others still taking the test some quiet), and found the teacher grading them already. And she was not happy. After we’d sat around for a while kinda watching her, she was like, “I don’t know if we’re even going to have any lab time today, with the way these tests turned out.” And we’re all like …what do our test scores have to do with lab today…

Anyway, then it was break time, and before we left for break, someone (I think it was a nosy cave-troll) asked the teacher how we’d done. And she said very huffily, “Only one person got an A. Most people got F’s.” So we were privileged to mill about for twenty break minutes wondering whose was the A and whether or not we’d all failed the class or what, while teacher stomped around clearly taking this whole thing waaaayy too personally. I pulled a card during break, and it was the Six of Wands… “approaching victory, triumph, hope, desire, expectation, creative power, competence, trust in success.”

So we get back from break and she starts passing the tests back. Mine lands in front of me with a big red “95%” on it just as the teacher announces, “The highest grade in the class was a 95. The average class grade was a 77. A passing grade was a 78.” Honestly I’m not sure how you could manage to miss 23 questions on this test; it was multiple freaking choice.

Yes, I know that was a very lengthy way of saying, “I got the only A on the final on Tuesday.” But I was kinda tickled by the whole situation, so I felt like relating the whole story.

Then yesterday we had our second final. One guy in the class had been absent on Tuesday and had to take both finals in a row, so the rest of us had to wait even longer on our results than the previous. Everyone had studied harder this time, so there was a lot less grumbling. Plus we had a potluck waiting, so, even though we weren’t actually starting on that yet, we still had some FUCKING AMAZING pumpkin donuts to snack on while we waited.

I pulled a card while we waited, and guess what. Six of Wands. I hadn’t been worried, but at that point I laughed aloud. Then, because the one guy was taking so long to get his finals done that teacher had actually finished grading all of ours in the interim, she came into the break room and we went over the final all standing around in there XD I got a 96% on that one, but, because everyone else had learned their lessen from Tuesday, it was not the highest grade in the class this time. But I’ve maintained my 4.0. New classes start on Monday, and — oh, hey, guess what! Cave-troll is done, so I never have to hear his stupid voice again! What a great end to a class!

Oh, yeah, and my project. Projects were between finals, and involved a paper and a presentation on a disease of our choice. I went with ulcerative stomatitis in snakes. Last weekend when I was working on the paper, I thought my mouth was going to rot with boredom because it was just not a lot of fun. So on Monday I asked teacher if I could by any chance write a story instead of a boring essay, and she said I could.

So I totally rewrote the thing on Monday and Tuesday after work, and it was waaaayyyy more interesting: a tale of two snakes just about ready to admit that they’re falling in love, only ulcerative stomatitis is temporarily keeping them apart. So awesome.

Meanwhile, at EA, I took an order on behalf of Michelle Obama, who was in town this week. Obviously I didn’t speak to her personally, but supposedly the order I took on Tuesday was for an arrangement she wanted to give to someone for his birthday while she was here. I didn’t make the arrangement, since the delivery zip code sent it to a different store — and also I don’t really have any feelings one way or another about Michelle Obama — but having taken an order on behalf of the first lady is pretty cool in any case.

I had my first solo closes at EA, and I thought they went OK. Not spectacularly, but fine for my first attempts. I’m definitely liking that job so far, despite the occasional rash on my arms and the ongoing bitterness about the damn fruit.

Had some training at S&A too, and I’m still running into the same problems there as before: almost everyone there is simultaneously very easygoing and yet kinda prickly toward trainees. Baaad combination. Buuut I’m not hugely worried; I am learning.

Here on the internet, I’ve managed to fix all the links in this new archive, so the move is officially complete. At least, I’m fairly sure I’ve fixed everything; if anyone reading this runs into any link in an art archive entry back to livejournal, let me know, OK? Personal entries still have them all over the place, but they’re not nearly as important.

That’s about all the entry I have the patience for at the moment. Air Force just won, though, so yay that! Oh, and I’m also considering giving Assassin’s Creed a try. Maybe.