Eons ago, in the year of 2002, I wrote a story about my favorite boys Sano and Saitou called He Can Be Taught. It’s kindof awful, but nostalgia is a powerful thing, and I wanted to do something to celebrate its tenth birthday. So I here present my very first offered-to-other-people audio recording of a fic. Suitable to this particular story, it’s not a terribly good recording. But if you’ve ever wanted to hear…

* Me breathe really loudly through the ends of words into a cheap headset microphone
* Me splice completely new tones and volumes right into the middles of sentences
* Me attempt to read, without laughing uproariously, a sex scene I wrote a decade ago
* My cat

…there may be something here for you. And if you’re interested in better-quality recordings of better stories in future, take heart, because this is a herald of that too. I’ve been having a hugely fun time recording stories lately, and learning a lot about how to do it, so forthcoming projects will definitely be more awesome :D In the meantime, happy birthday, He Can Be Taught!

The recording is divided into two zip files, and around two hours long at normal speed. Download and listen if you wish! (And keep your company in mind while doing so, since this story not only has an average “fuck” count of one and a half per page but also gets pretty graphic during the actual fucking.)