This week I have wrestled several dogs, worked my first solo nine-hour shift at EA, voted, rejoiced every day at school about the absence of cave-troll, and dreamed that Sim Gretina bought some store near my house (because that’s not even a little bit random). Oh! And that Broncos game was awesome ^__^

I’ve also talked to Zombie Girl on Skype! This is so nice! I am all updated about her situation, of which I can’t entirely approve but which isn’t entirely my business. We discussed not one but two new entries for my ever-lengthening list of story ideas about a certain four guys.

You know, I never did finish that pairing meme because I was too busy switching to WordPress. I forget who-all I had left to mention, but I know Thassarian and Koltira were in there. Ah, well.

So it’s been a good week. I probably had some moments of interest to document, but I forget them. This football game is distracting me GO AIR FORCE.