The media player I use on my phone is, apparently, a more hardcore brony than I am. Every time I tell it to shuffle everything, eventually it will find its way into my brony folder and get stuck there.

Sometimes it takes a while to do this, but sometimes it’ll be only four or five songs in. Then four or five more songs will play and I’ll realize suddenly that it’s been all brony music for twenty minutes. I don’t know how long it will keep playing exclusively MLPFiM stuff, because I eventually get tired of it and restart the all music shuffle… I think the longest I let it go on was about an hour.

And obviously this is music that I like, or it wouldn’t be on my phone or (since it’s deliberately downloaded) even in my possession at all. But when I want everything shuffled, I want everything shuffled. If I want all brony music, it is very easy to set it to play just that.

So I can only assume that the app is just a big fan. I suppose there are worse things to be.

Cat breeds at school today. I have not heard of a lot of cat breeds in my life, and most of the ones I have are kinda sorta from WeiƟ Kreuz. Also, speaking of nerd, I may be secretly working on fanfiction in my notebook as the teacher lectures.

And now my break is just about over.