The odd behavior of my media player app in relation to brony music reminded me of something I was working on before I switched computers and then kindof abandoned. But now I have finished it: my brony music top ten list! Even if you’re not a fan of Friendship is Magic, step inside and have a listen to some of these awesome songs.

I tell you what: starting with 350 brony songs and trying to narrow it down to ten best or favorites is damn near impossible. This fandom is bursting at the seams with musical brilliance in a huge variety of styles, and you have no idea how many times I had to close my eyes and grit my teeth in order to remove just a single excellent song from the list. As a matter of fact, once I’d gotten it down to about 25, it became more a test of attrition: listening to the remaining lineup over and over, whichever I wasn’t quite as ecstatic to hear the seventeenth or the fifty-fifth time would be the first to go.

Which means that to call this a “top ten” is inaccurate; “cross-section of the top 25” might be a better description. But for the sake of conciseness and in deference to tradition, ten songs it is. (Beware: rampant overuse of “badass,” “catchy,” and “bouncy” ahead.) Here we go!

Evil Enchantress (Guitar Mix feat. Dan Waigand) by Eurobeat Brony

Pinkie Pie’s Evil Enchantress song is difficult to remix from the original because both her rhythm and her pitch aren’t exactly right on target (as she said, it’s a work in progress), so smart brony artists like Eurobeat have realized that a total remake is better than a remix. And in this case, a total remake with some freaking awesome guitar. I don’t know who Dan Waigand is, but he gets a brohoof from me.

Becoming Popular (Extended Rock Cover) by One Trick Pony

A lot of rock covers of series songs seem to happen, and unfortunately a lot of them aren’t very good. The problem is invariably finding a decent balance between what would otherwise be some badass instrumentation and the relatively gentle original vocals. Becoming Popular (The Pony Everypony Should Know) is my favorite series song, and I was more than a little delighted to find that One Trick Pony nailed the aforementioned balance and turned out an awesome track that combines best pony and awesome rock to perfect effect.

Octavia’s Vision by TheBellmaker

Never before have I seen a non-speaking character with a total of maybe twenty seconds of screentime and no canonical name inspire so much amazing instrumental music. Or… so much of anything, except maybe really random subreddits. But if this kind of badass song is what comes of unnamed background ponies with cellos, let’s have some more of those! I’m sure her totally canonical lover Vinyl Scratch is listening in awed rapture.

20 Percent Cooler (Alex S. Remix) by Ken Ashcorp

It takes a pretty special song to get me to tolerate the party/Bacardi rhyme, which is to hip-hop what love/above is to… just about everything else that rhymes… but this song managed it. It has such excellent energy throughout, it really does (almost) make me want to dance, and a very cool overall sound.

Back in the Day by Tsyolin and The Living Tombstone

Aight, I’m going to straight-up admit that I kinda can’t stand the original Smile, Smile, Smile song… but that’s because of the stupid words. The melody is extremely catchy. So there are a number of (usually instrumental) remakes of the song that I’m very fond of, and this is probably my favorite. It’s so bouncy and energetic, yet simultaneously delightfully easygoing. And jazziness like this could probably win me over even if the dumb lyrics were included.

Pinkies Brew [Electro Swing Remix] by Korw

Not even the extremely obnoxious way the very talented Jenny Nicholson does Pinkie Pie’s voice in the fan-made Friendship is Witchcraft series can detract from the endlessly catchy nature of the songs from that show. Pretty well every single remix of Pinkie’s Brew is worth listening to, but I chose this one by Korw not just because it’s so bouncy and fun but because it also mixes in bits of another FiW song, thus essentially killing two birds with one stone.

He’s a Dragon! by Yourenigma

I can’t even express how difficult it was not to make a good half of this top ten list tracks by Yourenigma. When I got down to 25, I think there were still six Yourenigma songs in there, and it broke my heart thinning them out. It actually wasn’t too difficult choosing an absolute favorite, because this track is awesome beyond words, but it was still really hard removing some of the other amazing songs. Yourenigma is clearly the king of pony jazz.

Discord (EuroChaos Mix) by Eurobeat Brony

I consider this the quintessential brony song; it’s the piece that comes immediately to mind when I think “brony music,” and the evil laughter throughout will never fail to delight me. There are several remixes of this song that didn’t make it onto this list but are definitely worth listening to — Eurobeat is the only artist to have two songs in this lineup already. I’m so enamored of his style that I’ve acquired his complete discography, only maybe a third of which is pony-related.

‘Til We See Sun by Deerhooves

A lot of instrumental brony music leaves you saying, “What does this have to do with Friendship is Magic, again?” But when it simultaneously leaves you saying, “THAT WAS FUCKING AMAZING” (difficult as these two statements are to make at the same time), you kinda stop giving a crap how relevant it is. Actually, I think the idea here is that Octavia and Vinyl Scratch (who, as I mentioned, are totally canonically lovers) teamed up to make some badass instrumental/techno badassedness. And boy is it ever badass.

The Moon Rises by Ponyphonic

All the previous entries on this list were not in any particular order (except for obsessively alternating between instrumental and vocal), which is why they weren’t numbered or anything… but this one is last because it’s my absolute favorite brony song. The well-constructed lyrics, the wonderfully talented vocalist, the overall Broadway feel, and the fact that it so beautifully captures an important moment in MLPFiM canon… I can’t express how much I adore this piece. I wish Ponyphonic would make whole albums of stuff I could buy. On his way to the West End.