It has been gently snowing for several hours ^__^ Of course even in the hottest year that’s ever happened in history, Colorado Springs is still going to cling to the tradition of an inhospitable Halloween.

My new glasses appeared!!

They were $51 total, including transition lenses and shipping. Firmoo is fabulous.

My teacher keeps misspelling “lizard” in such a way that I imagine a reptile terrarium on hundreds of little feet. This makes classtimes awesome even if they weren’t already. And this week there have been FIVE KITTINS around, so you can imagine how awesome that is. I asked mom if I could adopt one, but she said no more animals in the house. Wot sweet kittins.

Oh, and my PSY CD has arrived, but apparently they need a signature only from me… so it went to the post office. Only it wasn’t actually at the post office when I went to the post office; I have to wait until tomorrow after school. Mou. Well, I’ll do an appropriate subject line to make up for it.

K, that’s all for now.