So I’m trying to figure out why a lot of the time when I edit a post on here, that edited post then appears on the feed reader… especially since I still have plenty of editing to do. Sorry to anyone watching me that way X/

The other day we had a dead cat at school, which allowed us to practice subcutaneous injections on actual flesh without continually sticking a needle into a living creature. That was pretty awesome, though dead cat face was a little disturbing.

Yesterday I cleaned the bathroom so efficiently ^__^ Have I mentioned my sympathy with the Auditors? I’m always so pleased with myself when I clean something up so well, but then my work is always undone so quickly and I just don’t feel like doing it again for far longer than I should really wait. But anyway. The bathroom looks really nice for now.

A tarot project has been eating my brain for the last few days, so not a lot of fiction-writing has taken place. I’ve worked mostly on that today, alternated with recording, and felt productive despite not writing much story.

Oh! I got my PSY CD, of course, and it was just as good as I expected. I’ve listened to it about a billion times since then. You know, I never did mention my thoughts on the new Three Days Grace album. Well, it’s good. You have no idea how excited I was at the Michael Jackson cover, though I honestly don’t think Adam sounds very good on that piece. Actually, his usual vocal perfection seems to have suffered a bit, and I really hope it’s temporary… like maybe he got sick or something. Anyway, it’s a decent album; now I have to think about which song to vidify.

Have I mentioned how much of my hero is Willis McGahee? I found a shirt that I will buy with his name on. I’d really like a ladies’ style shirt, but they only seem to make those in Manning style. MC GAHEE.

OK, I’m done.