Ah, what a miserable football game. The power might as well have stayed out the whole time so we could just keep up with the score on the ticker and miss some of those embarrassing plays. Oh, my poor Air Force.

On a happier note, I did subcutaneous injections yesterday, and how cool is that. On a live animal this time, I mean. Also, the extremely enthusiastic golden retriever bit me about a million times. And I shoved my hand down dog throats all day. It was very productive.

Halloween was pretty busy at EA, but it was mostly in the morning so I missed it. Appropriately, though, I did discover a rather large black widow living behind the cabinet beside the back door. She’s not bothering anything back there, but I bet some co-worker or another will have killed her by the time I get back to work on Monday.

Oh, man, you guys, the pet battle system in WoW. I’ve never played any Pokemon, but this is the same concept and it’s soOoOo addictive. Also it’s about time we were able to tame critters! Bryn’s been craving a spider vanity forever, but since they removed the only quest that gave that as a reward, I’ve despaired of getting her one.

Aight, bedtime.

(Says cat: cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)