Once upon a time, here is an entry. Oh, what a weird coincidence… I’m just about to watch Once Upon a Time. Really was a coincidence, though.

I’ve just finished up a dumbass school project that took all day not because it was difficult but because it was so stupid I kept getting distracted. The football game earlier did not technically classify as a distraction because I always planned on watching that, and I was working on stupid during the commercials and halftime. Speaking of which! My McGahee shirt appeared! I wore it! It’s awesome!

I spent most of this past week with all these bruises on my arms from the previous week’s many golden retriever bites, and one from a shopping trip too early in the morning. The problem with bruises is that they’re so damn distracting; they catch my eye and drag me away from whatever I’m supposed to be thinking about. Good thing they’d all faded by today, or I’d never have gotten that project done.

I know other things have happened this week that I wanted to report, but I kinda forget what they all are. I’m becoming such a weekend-updater…

Well, weekend, at least, I remember. First, Air Force embarrassed me again. Then, Lesta and I had a feast to celebrate MLPFiM times. Kinda dumb episodes, but whatevs; you can’t always kick off a season with Discord, and one shouldn’t hope for it. And today has been all dumbass project.

Um, what else. Can’t remember. The End. I’ll go study my vocab until show starts.