On Monday we took the final for one of our classes and then did some other stuff. By going-home time we had our end grades for that class. Now, at this dumbass school we have this “professionalism” score that includes things like not swearing (heh), wearing our nametags and shit, and being on time, and this score directly affects our grades.

I’ve been about three minutes late two or three times because I had to drive Lesta to work before school and he wasn’t ready to go in a timely fashion. The words of my teacher, who knew the reason for those late arrivals, were, “Tell your brother he cost you your A.”

Of course if I’d had a higher A to begin with, those few tardies wouldn’t have been enough to knock it down… but it’s more than a little annoying to have a circumstance beyond my control cause the first B I’ve ended up with at this school.

Our teacher has had unexpected circumstances that are causing her to move across the country all of a sudden, so the class all donated some moneys for a going-away present for her. On Tuesday I took those moneys to my work and used my employee discount to buy an arrangement, which I of course made myself. I had to stay late to do so, because it was so madly busy getting ready for yesterday.

I dipped freaking everything in chocolate, and it turns out that dipping freaking everything in chocolate makes for a fairly ugly arrangement. The good news is that freaking everything is then dipped in chocolate. Teacher seemed to like it, anyway.

Yesterday we took our last final, and once again I got the highest score of anyone. It left me with nearly 100% in that class, and I wished some of the points could be used for my other class to even things out, mou. But whatevs. Now I have four days in a row off from school! And on Monday we’ll see how the new teacher can be. And supposedly this next couple of classes is the hardest and most tedious; we’ll see about that too.

Today my family is going to eat Thanksgiving food at Tucano’s. We’ve never been to a restaurant on Thanksgiving before, and I’ve never been to Tucano’s at all. I’m excited, because I hear rumors of large amounts of meat and a buffet. Buffets are the best for people with stupid unusual food allergies because it eliminates the need to get all picky at a server. And meat. MEAT. Ahem.

So I dreamed about Saitou, which is much the best type of dream. In one, he and I were undercover doing… something… and we were at this camp with a bunch of, like, high-schoolers or something? The idea of Saitou trying to pass for a high-schooler is more than a little hilarious (and I too would probably have a bit of a hard time), but moving on. We needed to exchange information, and evidently the way to do that was for him to pretend to be a party boi and invite all the girls over to his cabin after lights-out so I’d have an excuse to go over there. This is also pretty hilarious.

All of a sudden I can’t even begin to remember the second Saitou dream, even though that one was more recent. That’s annoying. Yay Saitou.

Speaking of high school, in a different dream I was going to high school (whether normally or going back for no good reason in the style of many a dream I’ve had was unclear), and I’d been made the running back for the girl’s football team. We all needed to wear our jerseys and these white shorts to school one day; and, while I was pleased with my jersey, I was bracing myself for the reaction of my schoolmates to my unshaven legs under the white shorts.

As is fairly typical in my high school dreams, I couldn’t remember my locker combination. These lockers were glass-fronted refrigerators as in a grocery store. Some of the school faculty was around when I was trying to open mine, because somebody nearby had continually put inappropriate items in his or her locker and they were trying to get this person to stop. This time there was a super cute snake in there.

The End.