Ahh! I told you, He-Man, I know this jungle too well! Ah ha ha ha ha!

Oh, man, I’m hungry. Maybe I will have some delicious brats for lunch *__*

This past week at school has been this really stupid “office management” thing, and the most boring of aaallll. Fortunately it’s over now. Once upon a time, though, something really funny happened. Beware! because I am a jerk.

So for our “major project” this six-week sequence, we have to choose a breed (of any animal) and do a paper on it. Since the teacher, very understandably, doesn’t want to read thirty-two papers on GSD’s or whatever, she declared that there shall be no duplicates. On the sign-up sheet next to the one we use to sign in every day, everyone wrote what breed they chose; of course there was a lot of “Crap, somebody took the one I wanted” involved.

Since I wasn’t terribly worried about anyone else wanting my choice, the Romney pig, I signed up later than most and therefore got to see most of the others’ choices. And I noted that this one really, really stupid girl had written next to her name, “birds.” I had to work pretty hard not to laugh out loud. She eventually erased it and (presumably) put something rational, but just the thought of it still makes me laugh.

OK, so. I dreamed that I revisited a house in which I had formerly lived. Living there now was a group of college-age guys, and they had allowed the house to become the most amazing, disgusting mess you can imagine. Probably because I had such fond memories of the place, I wanted to rectify this situation, and went to the one guy that was home at that moment to offer to clean the house for them for a small fee. He refused my services, so I was going to leave.

On the way out, however (and how I hadn’t discovered this on the way in I haven’t the faintest idea), I found that these guys kept all their pets in the front room. Many of these pets should have been in cages, but none of them were. There were, like, twenty snakes and some rodents, and several cats that just attacked whatever they wanted whenever they wanted to. The snakes started getting all over me, and some of them were biting me. This apparently wasn’t a problem, but it was a problem that I wasn’t going to be able to leave without taking some of these snakes with me because they were wrapped all around me. So I was calling for the guy to come put his pets away when the dream ended.

In a different dream, there was an evil dog that kept appearing and dragging people off to do horrible things to them where nobody could see. The evil dog scared me a bit, but I decided to deal with it anyway. It was behind a thing doing something horrible to a person, and I started to call out to it tauntingly. It came out in a rage, and I awesomely faked not being afraid of it and continued taunting it. It tried to bite me, but I totally bit it instead XD I love my dreams.

I have an internship coming up in January, and in preparation for that I have to make sure I have all these different vaccinations. Yesterday I got a tetanus shot, and ZOMFG YOU GUYS this thing cost ninety dollars. My arm’s a little sore, but the price hurt way more. I have to get a rabies vaccine too, but that’ll have to wait for another paycheck :/

Things I’ve learned from He-Man today:

1. Krackens have bird beaks and wings.
2. Giant crude robotic rhinos on tank treads make admirable gods.
3. Eternians can hold their breaths underwater indefinitely.
4. Sherlock Holmes was awesome.


2 thoughts on “Ahh! I told you, He-Man, I know this jungle too well! Ah ha ha ha ha!

  1. Is there really such a thing as a Romney pig? I tried looking it up in Google, and all I found was a dead pig dressed in a Romney shirt. What in the world would you write about that??? :-)

    Good luck with your internship! What will you be doing exactly?

    1. Yeah, I’m not finding much of anything about the Romney pig either; I’ll probably have to change and do a different breed XD Ah, well.

      The internship will be assisting at a vet clinic for, like, six weeks or something. After that it’s back to school for another year and a half.

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