All right. Some things that have happened this past week:

I pre-ordered the new Kenshin movie DVD. ¥6000, but I REGRET NOTHING. So tired of not having seen that movie. Seriously, I freak out about it on a daily basis.

Front right tire on mom’s car kept going flat; I had to take the air compressor with me everywhere and fill the damn thing up every couple of hours. So I went to a tire store and had them replace both front tires; mom being out of town at this point, I had to pay for it, but supposedly I’ll be reimbursed sometime or other.

Anyway, while I was waiting on the tires to become applied to the car, I went and got sushi for lunch. Every time I’ve tried sushi in the past I haven’t liked it much, and this… was exactly the same. Not very delicious and it made me sick in the manner of an allergen, so I think I’m done with sushi. I did also find a super cute purse with spiders on, though, so it wasn’t a complete waste of time :D

I dreamed that it was my birthday and some friends had hired a prostitute for the party. In this dream apparently neither I nor my friends had any issue with taking advantage of this woman, and I woke up like O_o In another dream I was going to be sacrificed to a giant monster. Is this better or worse than the first? It seems, rather, simply a reversal of circumstances. I also had another very interesting dream, but I will talk about that in a more private entry since it sprang in part from what would constitute fic spoilers.

Oh, man, only one more week of stupid school before a nice little break. A couple of days ago, we got to fill out surveys about the competence of our new teacher, and… hmm… well, I really hope she has a strong and resilient spirit and isn’t made incredibly unhappy by the wave of negativity that produced. She’s a pretty damn awful teacher, and nobody much likes her. But it’s not that we want her fired or anything… just to stop sucking. We’re all looking forward to our winter break.

I decided I’ma get those rabies shots after all. I arranged to receive a “living expenses” stipend as part of my student loan, and I got that check this past week. So now my hospital bill from almost two years ago is finally paid, and what I have left will cover the rabies vaccination. It still seems painfully expensive, but also to be a one-time thing, so I might as well do it now when I’ve got the money, right? Ugh.

There’s probably more interesting stuff that’s happened since I last made a real entry, but I can’t remember any of it right now. So up this goes.