Getting paid for this

OK, so, this extremely busy work week has been extremely busy almost exclusively in the mornings. The last few days I’ve come in and mostly just cleaned up after everything else. Lots of dishes, not a lot of arrangements. And today, I have literally nothing to do. So I’ve decided to draw a picture with what materials I happen to have with me. I’ll put progress reports here, and we’ll see how it goes.

So there’s the beginning of a sketch. Man, I’ve used so many kiss refs from Getty Images, I’m starting to forget which ones I’ve already done.

Co-worker called from the other store and said he’s sending an order over here, but I’ve yet to see any sign of it. Onward, then, to the drawings!

So now Heero, like, is a robed faery and Duo is a sleeveless, high-booted jewelry aficionado. Or something. And there is mystic wind. This is what happens sometimes.

After some time wasted spent doing actual work, we are back with more defined lines and the beginnings of a border both on Heero’s rather inconvenient-looking (at least to fly in) robe and the picture as a whole.

Borders and some colors. Dammit, Heero, why do you look like Harry Potter all of a sudden.

OK, I got a little bit further than that, but then I had to wash, like, four dishes and mop the floor, and then drive home at 20 MPH in teh snows. So. I like this picture very much so far, but Poe only knows when I’ll have a chance to finish it.

6 thoughts on “Getting paid for this

  1. damn, girl! check out them mad sketching skills! And to think, it went from sketch to finished piece at work! this is pretty inspiring…maybe I’ll take my drawing stuff to work today, just in case i get stranded driving home in whatever this blizzard thing is called (although, to be fair, I think the worst I’ll get is freezing rain for driving.)

    I was thinking more Howl’s Moving Castle for Heero’s robe, and I think you’ve got Duo safely out of the HP range, costume wise (in my mind at least). Those middle sketches had me wondering if it wasn’t going to be Kenshin on the left, those sleeve things looked like a plume of hair before it got cleaned up.

    But man, I bow down to your well-practiced arting skills!

    1. Ha ha, my mad sketching skills seem to be a matter of luck, and this more or less astonished me XD Not complaining, though!

      You’re right; it is a somewhat Howlish robe. If Heero starts expressing his feelings with green slime, I’m sure Duo will set him right.

  2. I’m liking this picture a lot! I can see it being the basis for a very interesting story. I always enjoy seeing alternate universe versions of the guys. Duo’s hands on Heero’s face is my favorite part of the pose. I like the way Duo’s braid is showing, too. Heero looks great, but I’m not getting a big Harry Potter vibe from him.

    1. I like it a lot too! What a happy thing to happen, a picture turning out this nice XD Man, I freaking love AU’s. I’ve been kinda daydreaming about what’s going on here ever since yesterday!

      Oh, oh, oh, and, yes, I love the hands on Heero’s neck and face! That’s part of why I chose the ref I did; it seemed loving and playful and intense at the same time.

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