Recently I posted about He Can Be Taught having a significant anniversary this year… but that wasn’t the only story I wrote in 2002. As the Years Go Up in Smoke was slightly less awful than HCBT, or at least awful in new and different ways (*cough*sensationalized*rape*cough*). And since it, too, is now ten years old, I have made it a recording just as I did the other.

This recording is slightly less awful than HCBT’s, or at least awful in new and different ways — not least of which are the dropping of many consonants from the ends of words, and the transformation of others (through magnificent nasal/sinus congestion) into totally alien sounds. Oh, and most of the same problems as before are actually still there too, so that isn’t all that new and different. And despite all of that, I think this recording is slightly better.

I feared I wouldn’t be able to get this done before the end of the year, which would have been a mighty shame because eleven is not nearly as significant, but here it is sneaking in at the last minute. Awesome. Part of the reason it took so long is that Years Go Up is a package deal with its 2005 sequel, And the Moments Drift Like Snow, essentially doubling the length of the project. Moments Drift is not ten years old this year, but it is pretty well the only redeeming feature of its predecessor, and you can’t really have the unremitting angst, flashback abuse, and insensitive absurdity of one without the only slightly better checklist leading to a relatively optimistic ending of the other.

Can you tell I’ve been forced to listen to these stories quite a few times recently in order to finish up editing the recording, and not been 100% pleased with either of them?

If you happen to be fonder of these fics than I am, feel free to download and listen to the birthday present that is their joint recordings. And if you want to avoid the core of the rape description, skip to 2:17 once you hit track 12. Hmm, it would have been kinder if I’d ended the track there so you could just skip to the next one entirely, wouldn’t it? Should have thought of that earlier…

Aaaanyway, the two zip files for this recording can be found here and here; total running time is two hours and thirty-five minutes. Get ’em now before I decide I can’t stand these stories and rid the internet of them forever! And, I suppose, happy birthday to thems.