Nope, exactly what I expected

Something occurred to me over the last couple of weeks, and finally today I bothered to check: Les Misérables on December 26th was the first movie I saw in a theater last year. The Cirque thing a few days later made for a total of two theater movies in 2012.

So now I’ve started off this year by seeing a theater movie. 2013 can only get better! It certainly can’t get worse than what I just saw, at any rate. I rarely bother writing actual movie reviews, especially when my ratio of positive to negative remarks is something like 3:5000, because that’s a lot of work and I’m lazy… so let’s just leave it at a futile plea for people to stop making books into movies. Or, rather, for people to stop making Tolkien books into movies. Or, hell, let’s just get really specific and plead for Peter Jackson to stop making Tolkien books into movies.

So before that wretchedness happened, I was working on my Texas Longhorn cowly paper, which is so boring I don’t have anything more to say about it. I should go back to working on it right now, but that’s so boring I can’t stand it. Instead, Jane Austen and WoW, which are always a good combination. Cows tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Nope, exactly what I expected”

  1. I’m not a fan of the Peter Jackson movies, either. Too many long shots of people walking, just to show off the pretty countryside. I was bored. I’ll probably watch The Hobbit, to see Aidan Turner (Kili). It annoys me that The Hobbit is going to be a trilogy. Padding it out for more $$$, IMO.

    1. I knew I would hate it, but I have this driving morbid curiosity… XD And since we happened to have free movie passes, there was never going to be a better chance!

      “The New Zealand Board of Tourism would like to thank Peter Jackson for his needless stretching of this ‘”‘”‘adaptation'”‘”‘ into three movies.”

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