Seeing Red 18

“I don’t know how much you already know, since I don’t know how you found me, but if you’ve read the articles or talked to the police you probably know as much as I do.  On November 23rd last year, Kenshin was taking the bus home from work — he worked at the Humane Society, which you probably know is way across town from here, but we lived a little closer to it then; I only moved back here to be near my parents after…” She gave a pained-sounding clearing of throat and paused for a moment before going on at the same pace as before. “He was on his way home, waiting for his connecting bus, and there was a gunfight in the street near the stop.  It was a gang thing.

“They said he must have tried to take shelter down a little street behind the bus stop, because that’s where he was found.  It’s not the best area — it was the stop at Hamlet and 11th, if you know it, which is statistically the worst part of the city for gang activity — and though there aren’t a lot of gunfights, they do happen, and there does happen to be a bus stop right there, so it was inevitable that eventually someone would…”

Her face had been growing more and more brittle throughout this dissertation, her voice tighter and tighter.  Something was going to crack, and the result was sure to be sobbing and tears and probably a good deal less coherence. She cleared her throat again and took a deep breath that was not entirely steady.

“He didn’t always take the bus to work; we do have a car.  It was perfect coincidence that I needed it that day.”  Her voice sank as she added in a self-accusatory tone, “But of course I didn’t need it.  I work from home… I didn’t have to go shopping that day… if I hadn’t kept the car — I didn’t need it — he wouldn’t have been at that bus stop.  He would never have been at that bus stop.”

Tears were definitely starting to surface; it was difficult to see her eyes, which were still turned down toward her knees and the hands clenched thereon, but the intonation was unmistakable.  She was on the verge of losing the careful control she’d undoubtedly built up painstakingly over the last few months of repeating this story.

She was also lying.

It was extremely frustrating. Exactly what she was lying about, exactly why she was lying, and exactly how it pertained to the current situation and her husband’s ghost, Hajime could not begin to tell, but she couldn’t hide from him the general sense of untruth behind her words.

What she could hide from him was just about everything else. She was guarding so fiercely, he couldn’t even get at completely unrelated thoughts in her head. Moments like this made him regret never training more thoroughly in communication, and he decided then and there how he was going to be spending his free time after this was over, so bothersome was it not to be able to reach a truth that would, presumably, help everyone present.

“He was actually shot twice,” she went on, surprisingly with no great increase in breakdown of control: “once just behind his right ear, and the other just in front of it. He was unconscious when he was found and taken to the hospital, and it took him less than an hour to pass away. I didn’t even make it over there before… I didn’t get a chance to…” After another trembling breath she went on more steadily, “They said, if there was any pain, it was probably over with quickly.”

Throughout this discourse Sano had been shifting restlessly, and, though Hajime doubted the young man could sense the dishonesty, it was clear that the woman’s words — especially these last — were not helping to decrease the already significant level of anger he was trying to deal with. But Kaoru, gaze still fixed on her knees, did not appear to notice this.

“The police also said that the sweatshirt he was wearing might have contributed, since he’d pulled the hood up, probably to hide his face and hair in the dark or something, and that might have made him look more like a member of one of the gangs. I always thought he should wear a jacket that didn’t look so… young… he was thirty-two, but you’d never guess… and it was mine in the first place; I mean, it was grey, but it was a woman’s hoodie…” Apparently these somewhat rambling details were more difficult to relate than the physicalities of the death itself, and the tears were now visible on her face. Hajime deemed her distress genuine, but couldn’t pass judgment on the accuracy of her account.

“He was always doing that: wearing my clothes without realizing that anyone would think it was weird. And the really weird thing was that they looked just fine on him — usually better than they did on me. But I still used to give him a hard time about it, because of Kenji and the neighbors and because he never seemed to notice that it was a little weird.” Her words were becoming more and more difficult to understand as sobs broke into her sentences and a constricted throat marred her pronunciation. “For a while after… last November… I kept thinking, ‘If I could just have him back, I’d never get on his case about that again. He could wear anything he wanted — not just jeans and things, but dresses or whatever — if he would just come back.’ And every time I realized I was thinking that way, I got so angry at myself for being so stupid… but it still took a while to stop.”

This latest set of revelations, Hajime thought, was probably totally honest, since it really had nothing to do with Kenshin’s death, and the overwhelming sense of deception had faded somewhat from Kaoru’s demeanor. But whether she was making a subtle attempt to get away from the topic about which she felt the need to lie, or whether she really had been sidetracked in her grief by memories of her late husband’s quirks, Hajime could not guess. In any case, it wasn’t getting them anywhere.

“Mrs. Himura,” he began, in the cool tone of a lecturer, “the problem here — at least the first problem that needs to be dealt with — isn’t so much your husband himself as the angry energy surrounding him. When someone is haunted by this type of energy — which is called a shade — it has a number of negative effects on them; headaches and an extremely bad mood are the most common. As you can see, Sano is currently suffering these effects because, for some reason, your husband has been haunting him for three weeks.”

He’d been ready to go on for as long as she remained silent until the entire situation was laid before her, but at this point she broke in. “Why?” She sounded a little desperate. “Why would he go to a complete stranger?” With an uncertain glance at Sano she added, “Or did he know you and just never mention it?”

Sano, clearly beyond the ability to speak, shook his head. Hajime almost expected a countdown to appear in big visible red numbers above the spiky blue-gelled hair at any moment, and continued his explanation to Kaoru more quickly. “That’s one thing we’d like to figure out. But besides the effects on Sano, just the fact that your husband is still here at all needs to be addressed.  It’s not healthy for anyone to stay in this world after death, and whatever is holding him here needs to be dealt with.

“But the shade energy is blocking all attempts to communicate with him. We can’t find out what exactly is holding him here if we can’t talk to him — and it’s more than likely that some sort of communication is what he needs in order to move on anyway. So the most important point at the moment is why he’s so angry. If we can dispel the anger, we can move on to the next step in this process. And the probability that his anger is related to the circumstances of his death is overwhelming.”

Her tears were in abeyance for the moment, and she looked faintly confused and equal parts wary; in her mind, the walls seemed to have become thicker and rougher than before. “OK,” she said slowly and relatively levelly.  “I can see why that would be important.”

Abruptly Hajime stood, and the movement made Mrs. Himura shy back toward her end of the bench.  “I’m sorry to startle you,” he said.  “As I mentioned, we appreciate that you came out here at all to talk to us.  Unfortunately, if you’re not prepared to tell us the truth, I’m afraid you’re not going to be any help to us.”

The barriers suddenly doubled, and her level of agitation increased perceptibly.  He would never have deliberately put her back up like this — it would have been so much more politic to continue the conversation on a non-threatening level and try to work the answers out of her — but to his left he could sense Sano about to explode.  What direction the young man’s anger was currently pointing really didn’t matter; it was clear that he might do something everyone would regret after not much longer.

“What–” Kaoru was saying, rising hesitantly from where she’d been seated, wringing her hands.

But in favor of taking Sano’s arm in a firm grip and pulling him away along the sidewalk, Hajime gave every indication of completely ignoring her.

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6 thoughts on “Seeing Red 18

  1. I like how we get set up at the start and the self-accusations about needing the car? Pretty brilliant (or at least logical, but how often is logic actually a part of fan fiction, right? ergo: brilliant!). And then, of course, She was also lying. Ohhhh, ho ho ho! That’s like the gooey center of a molten chocolate cake!

    Moments like this made him regret never training more thoroughly in communication, and he decided then and there how he was going to be spending his free time after this was over

    Free time…you mean when he’s not shagging Sano, right? Right?!

    Does Kenshin also have a dragon tattoo or a wasp tattoo?

    Soooo, Kenshin is mad is widow is lying about how he died. I mean, that’s just logical. But what does it mean about HOW he actually died? Hmmm…did Kaoru boff him then off him? I never watched the series/read the manga so I have no idea what kind of threads there might be for that kind of connection between the two–I always assumed they were (get ready for a GW reference!) to Rurouni Kenshin what Treize and Une are for GW.

    Okay, so maybe she didn’t off him. But I hear you on the “dude always wears mah clotheses!” A friend of mine (American) married to a Japanese guy has lamented the very same thing: her ladies jeans look just as good, if not better, on him than they do on her.

    Ohhhh, so what if it was someone in her FAMILY that offed Kenshin? Like he wasn’t good enough for Kaoru and her father went out and put a hit on him?!

    Poo poo on Hajime for not telling Kaoru he knows she’s lying. Are we now supposed to believe that she believes THEM about their assertion that the ghost of Kenshin is haunting Sano? Here WOULD have been a great time to have that ‘ditto’ ghost moment by having Hajime bluntly tell her in his oh-so-charming Hajime way “Mrs. Himura, I can clearly understand your distress but I cannot understand why you think lying about how your husband died will do him any good. Anger is keeping him from communicating and continually affected my red-faced friend here.” or something.

    …or that. Still, I guess I would have rather have had him caller her on it slightly faster. Ultimately, I guess it doesn’t matter.

    HOWEVER, I do wish we’d had more of a play by play of how Kaoru’s recounting of Kenshin’s death affected SANO (and, by extension of course, Kenshin). It’s all well and good to find out at the end that Sano is positively simmering in Kenshin’s anger, but it would have been nice to have been privy to how falsehood after falsehood built up as she starts her tale and the reader is all like “er, why is Kenshin getting so mad at hearing his death recounted?” and them BLAMO, it’s because she’s lying. Maybe he’d cool off a little bitt when she recounts how he wore her clothes, but tie Kenshin’s anger shade into her building her walls and not coming clean? I dunno. Just a thought.

    A lengthy thought XDDD

    1. Most of the comments I’d like to make in response to your questions/ideas are kinda spoilery, but I will confirm that “somewhat similar to Treize and Une in relationship dynamic” is a pretty decent way to describe Kenshin and Kaoru in RK canon. Also that I have not given any thought to whether Kenshin had any tattoos, and that at some point Hajime will definitely be having to work other free-time activities into the spaces around special time with Sano :D

      Thanks very much for your comments!

  2. first of all, the tattoo comment probably only makes sense if you’ve read all of “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” series (errr, I don’t know how faithful the movies were to the books or how far the movies got with relation to the books)

    second of all, oh? really? I guess, based on fan art I may have seen over the years, it seemed like Kenshin and Kaoru were sort of a done-deal. or maybe that’s just me and my conditioning to feel that the lead male and lead female characters “go together” more often than not. But then again, Zach didn’t end up with Kelly (although personally, I was more of a Jessie/Slater fan myself).

    finally, argh! i wish my comments were so conducive to being spoilery for this part!

    1. :D I figured the tattoo line was a reference to something I wasn’t familiar with!

      Kenshin and Kaoru do get married and have a kid at the end of the series. But the lead-up to that is a long period during which it’s very clear that Kaoru is devotedly in love with him but we can’t be quite sure to what extent Kenshin recognizes/returns her feelings. Actually, totally-romantically-clueless Kenshin is a bit of a fanfiction trope. Since they are an extremely popular pairing, though, it’s no surprise if you’ve seen plenty of couple art of them.

      What I wish is that I were secure enough in having plenty of parts written ahead that I could post them more frequently. Maybe I should go to every six days….

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