“`uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuukkkkjmmmmk,” writes cat. To start out with.

Tomorrow school resumes, so I’ve spent today getting the last things done that I needed to do and… and that’s about it. I was amusing myself, over break, by allowing my fingernails to grow really long and all my clean laundry to stay in a couple of heaps unfolded and wrinkling, but now I have cut the one and put away the other, so I’d say I’m about ready for school.

I also had to switch back to my smaller purse, because the bigger one doesn’t fit into my backpack with all my textbooks. Sadness. Not that I don’t like the smaller purse! Just, the bigger one has spiders on.

I finished my Texas longhorns paper and presentation yesterday; as in the previous sequence, it took pretty well all day because I had to force myself to work on it and may have started a new gnome rogue somewhere in the middle of it. But my PowerPoint presentation’s going to be pretty badass; I put all sorts of stupid pictures into it of things like a longhorn with twenty-foot horns decorated with Christmas tree ornaments, and John Wayne with longhorn horns. Important things like that.

So those of us that are planning on continuing into the full vet tech program instead of quitting after this first basic crap (which grants no official certification or licensure) have been working on this application packet for the full program, and there’s this “”””essay”””” we each have to write in response to the question, “Why are you applying for the vet tech program?” This can easily be answered in a single sentence — “Because I want a job that pays more than minimum wage but is not totally miserable to work every day” — but they demand at least three paragraphs.

So I just came up with the most bombastic way of saying “Because I want a job that pays more than minimum wage but is not totally miserable to work every day” that I could think of, and we’ll see how they like it. Come on, guys, you’re not a real school; it’s not like you’re going to turn someone away if they’re offering to pay you.

I really should have vacuumed my room today, but I didn’t feel like it.

Last night I dreamed there was a tiny monkey running around my house! He was a con artist, and I think he had a con artist partner elsewhere that was a female tiny monkey! I wanted waybee to catch him but not hurt him, but she got annoyed at me speaking to her in such a dictatorial fashion and eventually went into a different room. Eventually I caught the monkey myself and put him in a tree outside. It was good times.

I am happy because Once Upon a Time resumes in half an hour. We’ll see if Mulan and Aurora manage to make out yet.

Safeway doesn’t sell the color I dye my hair. I need to refresh it, and today would have been a perfect day for that, but I haven’t made it all the way to Wal-Mart since these facts occurred to me. Sometime this coming week, perhaps.

The End.