Audio Recording Index


As the Years Go Up in Smoke / And the Moments Drift Like SnowTwo .zip files (2:35:24, outdated recording)

Saitou could never have predicted the devastating results of trying to fill the gap in Sano’s memory… of bringing to light a secret involving Shishio and Sano’s desperate fear of smoke, a horror that threatens to tear them apart forever.

Drama/Romance/Adventure/Introspection | Saitou & Sano, Kenshin & Sano (implied) | Rated 4 | Alternate timeline, Language (general/religious), Violence, Rape (described), Sexuality/sexual references, Angst, Suicide (attempted), Disapproval of the Saitou/Sano relationship | 16,713 / 12,468 words


He Can Be TaughtTwo .zip files (3:52:22)
Drama/Romance/Adventure/Introspection | Kenshin & Sano (implied), Saitou & Sano | Rated 4 | Language, sex | 44,763 words | Completed 10/2013


His Own Humanity: Fast DecisionsOne .zip file (27:50)
Drama/Introspection | Saitou & Sano (implied) | Rated 2 | Language, AU | 5,555 words | Written 05/2013


His Own Humanity: ReciprocityOne zip file (22:35, outdated recording)
Drama/Romance/Introspection | Duo & Heero | Rated 2 | Language, sex, AU | 4,871 words | Written 03/2012


NoticeOne .zip file (53:42)
Drama/Romance/Introspection | Duo & Heero, Quatre & Trowa | Rated 1 | AU | 10,851 words | Written 12/2010


Saitou/Sano Collection – Three .zip files (6:15:04)
(file 1 – all outdated recordings) A Run of Good Luck, All Sorts of Good Details, Autosite, Birthday Present, Biting Off (Something Presumably Worse), Black and Blue and White All Over, Boys’ Night Out, Breakfast in Bed, Canine Impulses
(file 2 – mostly outdated recordings) Clinical Treatment, Closer Even Than That, Coke Machine, Compromise, Constructive Nostalgia, Death Wish, Defense, Distraction Sufficient, Do It Yourself, Fate and/or the Radio, Finally, First Kiss
(file 3 – mostly outdated recordings) 漸進的 な 会得 – Gradual Understanding, Greedy, Hopeless Cause, I Dream I Know Not How, Pattern, Pillow Talk, Two, Five, or Twenty, and Vicissitude


The TestOne zip file (2:19:08)
Drama/Romance/Adventure/Humor | Duo & Heero (primary), Quatre & Trowa, Sylvia & Wufei | Rated 3 | Sexuality, language, AU | 26,877 words

Stuff I Didn’t Write
the poetic sequel to cohabitation (is only natural) by liveonanonOne .zip file (22:56)


After much experimentation, I have worked out what recording settings and editing protocols I prefer. This doesn’t mean all the stories above were recorded at those settings or edited with those protocols, but everything going forward should be fairly consistent — and as I have time, I’ll re-record/re-edit the older stuff.

The biggest problem I have right now is getting different recording sessions to match. Even with the same settings each time, the distance of the adjustable microphone from my mouth and my own tone of voice is difficult to make exactly the same as it was the last time. This isn’t so much a problem between one chapter and the next in a longer work, but when during editing I discover a misspoken line I need to re-record, it’s a pain in the ass trying to get it to sound anything like the rest of the recording.

Someday, perhaps, I shall invest in a less cheap and crappy headset with a microphone that’s not on one of those adjustable wire things and therefore is the same distance from my mouth every time. I had such a nice headset, once upon a time, but my indefinite loan of it to a friend turned permanent when she moved 5,000 miles away. Even a nice headset wouldn’t help with all the sounds of me rattling my chair or noisily tapping the keyboard, though XD

Aaaanyway. All stories are broken into three-minute files unless in their entirety they’re under about seven and a half minutes long. And they should all be tagged appropriately — there’s even album art for some of them — though tags I’ve applied to .mp3’s have been known to slough off for no good reason in the past.

It is way way way way way easier to update recordings of Saitou/Sano stories by having them in a collection as I do, but if you are looking for some specific story individually and really don’t want to be bothered with the rest of the file, let me know and I’ll upload whatever you’re looking for.

I’ve done the initial recording of almost every shorter story I’ve written, and just need to get around to editing them all. Likewise the recording of many of my longer stories is complete or nearly complete. Editing this shit takes forever, and I mostly do it when I’m too tired and stupid to write (and did I mention that I have, like, five other hobbies that also vie for those moments?), so when the next thing will appear is always a matter of question.

I feel like my Japanese pronunciation is not too bad, but Japanese words in the middle of English sentences are really incredibly horribly freaking hard for me. It’s a good thing I’m so attached to AU’s, because stories in the canon Rurouni Kenshin setting are murder on my tongue.

P.S. In case it isn’t obvious, “outdated recording” just means I’ve edited the story since I made the recording and haven’t gotten around to re-recording it yet.

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