Kanjou mo igirisu no tenki mitai ni utsurigi dattara totemo raku nanoni gyaku na no

OK, to start out with, the new Rurouni Kenshin movie is still awesome and Saitou is still awesome. The only thought I really have today… well, I’ll say it at the end in case anyone wants to avoid spoilers.

Next of all, I finally got to give my presentation today. I did turn out to be dead last in the random order of presenting, and there was danger of my having to wait ’til freaking Monday, since it was high noon by the time we got around to me… but my class had my back and shouted out that they would all gladly sit an extra few minutes listening patiently while I gave my presentation. I was touched. It was great.

Thirdly, cantata practices start tomorrow. I’m simultaneously happy that it’s starting so early and bracing myself as usual. I remember last year I burned out sooner than I normally do; we’ll see what this year’s like.

Lastly, that RK thought I mentioned: during today’s rewatching(s) it occurred to me that staging Kenshin’s fight with Gein in a library, complete with scattered pages littering the floor as books get torn up by all the badass swordery (and stupid gunnery) going on, may be the tiniest nod to the canonical Kenshin vs. Aoshi II (or at least a setup that would become stupidly repetitive if that particular fight were to take place)… which strikes me as yet another sign that Aoshi will probably never appear in the movieverse. Continued sadness.

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