OK, I had several things to say in a real entry, but I never got around to typing them out, and now there’s no more time since I have to take a shower and put away my clean laundry before bed. So instead of a real entry, have my latest set of thoughts about a certain Rurouni Kenshin movie.

I love this guy at the beginning that dramatically, almost frantically, shouts out Saitou’s complete name and title… and then promptly dies.

I think Kenshin’s initial rescue of Kaoru from Jin’e would be more dramatic if, as was the case with Gohei in canon, Jin’e’s blow had fallen just a half-instant too late rather than being withheld entirely at Kenshin’s appearance.

Da ha ha, I love the super crappy and rather pointless-seeming bandage Kaoru makes for the wound on her arm.

“Here, Kenshin,” Kaoru says. “Wear this color that TOTALLY CLASHES WITH YOUR HAIR.”

They go out of their way to make the zanbatou prop seem as heavy as it’s supposed to be, but I never believe it. When the Akabeko servers are attempting to hold it up, for example, they don’t act very convincingly.

Oh, Sano, why are you so freaking cute.

Ah, I’m still just overwhelmed by the amazing awesomeness of the poison scene. It’s nice that Tsubame had a cameo, too, even if it was a rather unfortunate situation for her XD

Oh, Sano, what do you intend to accomplish by shouting at Kenshin when you hear gunshots above?

Seriously, this Sano is so freaking cute, it doesn’t matter how pointless he is. INSTANT Saitou-bait. When he does his little ZOMFG WE TOTES SURRENDER thing? Oh, the attraction is thick in the air.

And now good night.