2012 Style

Despite any suggestions I may have made to the contrary, there’s actually no interaction between Saitou and Sano in the 2012 Rurouni Kenshin movie. This has not in any way lessened the amount of freaking out I’ve been doing lately about my favorite pairing in this tweaked setting. Sooooo I drew them.

Yes, yes, it’s a little early for a Valentine’s-Day-style picture, but I’d already been contemplating such a thing with canon Saitou and Sano before I realized I desperately needed to draw their movieverse iterations. Since I’m not likely to have anything special up for the actual holiday, this will have to do.

Aaaanyway, this was my best attempt at trying to get people in a drawing to look like actual people that exist (whereas I usually stop at just trying to get them to look human), and I think they do vaguely resemble their portrayals in this movie. I consider that a major triumph.

I didn’t actually mean to revive this soft-shading style that I abandoned some years ago, but found myself working in it before I’d given any real thought to what style I did want to shade in. It turned out just fine, so my only complaint is that this style TAKES TWO HUNDRED YEARS and is extremely taxing on my poor wrists (the right because I’m right-handed and the left because, apparently, sympathy pains are cool SOLIDARITY WOT).

In closing, Saitou and Sano forever.

4 thoughts on “2012 Style”

  1. They do look a lot more realistic, so I’d say that you achieved your goal. I like the style. They look handsome to me. I love the hand grabbing at the jacket.

    It makes me smile to know I’m not the only person who has a forever OTP. :-)

    1. Yeah, I wish there had been some interaction between them; you’d better believe I would have whipped out a fanfiction about it if there had been…as it is, I’m still kinda contemplating what can be done with what we have, but I may just wait until the next movie when they’ve just got to have something to say to each other…

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