Ariel’s super-cute new dress

OK, I take a lot of pictures of things that interest me, intending to post them, and somehow never get around to posting them. But with a smartphone doing the picture-taking that is also directly connected to WordPress, I really have no excuse for this behavior. So here we go trying to be better about this.

One thing I often take pictures of is Disney Lesbians merchandising in their variety of poses and pairings, but in this instance I also had to document this freaking adorable new dress of Ariel’s. I can’t approve of the purple shell accents, but otherwise I am all over this. So is Cinderella, obviously.


(And apparently one thing my phone is good at is claiming it’s rotated a photo when it really hasn’t)

4 thoughts on “Ariel’s super-cute new dress

  1. Awwww, they look pretty together. I’m more of a Snow White fan, but I can appreciate all the princesses.

    1. My favorite thing is when they’re positioned such that the first thing you wonder is, “Where is so-and-so’s hand????” Sometimes I think they do it on purpose XD

    1. I’m drawn immediately to them mostly because I always want to see what the pairings are and what position they’re just one step away from cuddling in :D

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