The first dream I had that I forgot about when I was writing that long entry the other day was the one where I and some other, like, witches or something were doing some kind of exam. It was almost my turn. This exam involved these giant puppetish dolls with super long legs, and for some reason I was using one that belonged to a friend/fellow student instead of one of my own.

This friend’s doll had been made to look like Punky Brewster. Wot. Some younger witches came in and saw it as I was sitting around waiting for my turn, and they were all laughing their approbation and amusement that it looked like Punky Brewster.

In the dream, I was surprised that these gals at least ten years younger than me would have even the faintest idea who Punky Brewster was; when I woke up, I was wondering how even someone that did know who she was would have the faintest recollection of what she looked like. Seriously, where the hell did that reference come from…?

The other dreams I had last week that I forgot about are still forgotten. But a dream I had last night I still remember. I was taking part in a sort of live-action point-and-click adventure, which was totally awesome. I have a real life story on this topic that I should really share at some point, but not right now.

So there was this big area full of various situations involving people and animals and stuff, and there were dilemmas or incomplete patterns all over the place. So I and the other people there had to go around figuring things out, solving puzzles, and setting things right. In the dream, I’d done this before, but so long ago that I couldn’t remember most of the solutions.

And, in fact, I woke up before I had a chance to see most of the solutions. But I did get a chance to open a gate so some guys on a ship could see the island backdrop behind and call out “Land ho!” Then they gave me some rewards as thanks, which of course I was going to be able to use for other puzzles in the game. It was awesome.

So that’s all the dreams for now. In waking life, I’ve been all over HoH the last couple of days. LIKE MAD. Actually one story that was being a brat before has been cooperating today in particular, and may appear sometime vaguely soon. That is great.

I’m thinking about maybe switching out the sample stories I have up at ff.n. Every once in a while (actually it’s a fairly regular thing), I think about posting stuff there again… but I just hate that place so much, and I hate having multiple copies of stories up around the webs.

But since I moved from my longtime website to a livejournal, and then less than two years later switched to WordPress (where I really do intend to stay forever, but still), I feel like I’ve kinda broken a lot of fandom connections and it might not be a bad idea to put something on the top of the list for a few moments over at that wretched place.

So I’m at work right now and it’s really slow. Just now it looked like a couple of customers were going to maybe take up some of this draggy last half hour, but no such luck. Well, I mean, they took about five minutes, which is better than nothing. I spent an hour and a half here earlier writing some manner of cuteness concerning Trowa and Quatre, and I need to go home and get that entered properly. If I’d had any idea I’d be working on that story today, I’d have Dropboxed the file, but whatevs.

Did I mention I got to talk to Zombie Girl the other day? Yeah, that was good times. I won’t say what percentage of the conversation was about a certain movie I’ve been dying to tell her all about, but you can guess it was upward of 60.

I feel this post degenerating. I should stop.