I had this dream in which I and a large group of people had to make our way through this insanely difficult sort of obstacle course place. It was mostly water-based puzzles, and there was a lot of holding of breaths and trying to figure out whether certain water channels would take us where we wanted to go or just kill us.

This whole thing had been set up by Jadis (the version played by hot hot Tilda Swinton), with whom I had some kind of close relationship (exactly what type was never specified), and she had either tricked us into starting this process in the first place or underrepresented the extreme danger of taking part. Therefore, as I continually came across the drowned bodies of those that hadn’t been doing so well as I had, I became more and more irate with Jadis.

I was working with two other people, a woman and a man, and the gal and I had separated from the guy looking for the next step to take. We were supposed to meet up at a certain point. However, when the gal and I had discovered the really dangerous-looking water channel we were supposed to take next (complete with floating corpse), we then also found a sort of cheat or shortcut that would take us safely right to the end. So the question at this point was: should we take the dangerous channel and risk drowning in order to meet up with our partner as promised, or should we abandon him by cutting straight to the end?

Evidently my subconscious was so caught up with the eventual drama that was my confrontation of Jadis over all this that it decided just to jump forward to that part of the story instead of showing the debate and decision. I find this more than a little funny.

So there I was at the end of the course, waiting with some other people in front of a door. Perhaps the decision I never got to see had involved or resulted in splitting from one or more of my partners, or perhaps one or both of them had died, because neither was present. The door opened, and Jadis appeared. Fixing her eyes immediately upon me, she said, “I knew you’d be one of the first to finish.” At which point I started accusing her irately of toying with us and killing people.

She took us to a large elevator in which all the people I’d found dead were alive and well. The bodies had all been fake; Jadis had just been messing with me. Unfortunately, the dream didn’t bother to explain why any of this had happened or what happened next. Ah, well.