No, I’m not done freaking out yet.

I love that the music at the very beginning is barely audible over the sounds of battle. It gets louder soon enough, but just at first it’s a wonderful way to emphasize the horrors of war even over the drama that can also arise from the situation.

Oftentimes giving a character a bunch of pets is a sign that that character has a kind heart and an inclination for caregiving — which I think makes it even more impactful that Kanryuu’s multitude of live animals only serves to indicate his desire to own and control other living creatures. Very well done.

How the HELL did they find someone that could play Saitou this well that simultaneously had those cheekbones?! It’s like he was born specifically to play this role.

I think my dissatisfaction with the random total redesign of Gein has risen to tie with the poor characterization of Kaoru and her relationship with Kenshin as my biggest complaint about this awesome movie. The chains and the gauze and the straps and the wig and what? He’s totally a teenygoth, and there’s no reason for that. I’m extremely fond of canon Gein, and his being so old and creepily artistically inclined is part of that. Why would you change it?

I love Kenshin’s startled look when Saitou first talks to him in the cells. I, too, would be startled if Saitou suddenly appeared. There would be some significant freaking out.

That’s right, Yahiko. The floor is barely accessible under all that broken crap, but that one dirty spot needs the attention of a wet rag before anything else.

Trying to refrain from commenting again on the clashiness of that kimono with Kenshin’s hair, BUT I CAN’T. Kaoru, what are you thinking?? At least the purple socks are still around; that’s some good fashion sense right there.

Aaaaahhhh, Megumi is so beautifuuuuuuulllllll.

Apropos of nothing, it’s interesting to see Tae with darker hair than Kaoru.

When will my soundtrack arrive???? I love this music so damn much! I’m so happy that every aspect of this movie is so well done.

I love that Kanryuu gets his face suggestively close to such a variety of characters. I half-expected Sano to give him the same line he did Kihei in canon about that.

OK, obviously I would have freaked out at any and all interaction between Saitou and Sano they’d seen fit to provide, but the story they told really didn’t call for any. But after watching Saitou and Kenshin have a Moment and then Sano and Kenshin have a Moment, my heart really aches for the lack of any Moment between my two most beloved characters. It’s like Angles just waiting to happen. Not to be… shamelessly referencing my own fanfiction… or anything.

Since it seems unlikely that Saitou The Amazing is keeping a taser in that pouch on his belt, I’m going to have to assume he keeps all his love notes from Sano his cigarettes in there.

I’m not saying the lurching isn’t effective. I think it brilliantly conveys a disinclination for what he’s doing so strong it actually hampers the smoothness of Kenshin’s motor functions. In a concise visual presentation (where we can’t hear his thoughts or see the day-to-day effects of what he’s forcing himself to do), it’s as good a choice as any (and better than many) to convey his state of mind. It just looks really weird.

Kaoru’s brown obi is so cute on her.

For all I have to say about the silly changes to Gein, I can’t help kinda liking the idea of him and Megumi as a couple. Even if he did poison the well right then, that moment when he grabbed her face had some damn good chemistry.

Our daughter’s sick? Take her to Kaoru’s dojo! What, the whole neighborhood’s sick? Well, take them all to Kaoru’s dojo! Kaoru’s dojo is the place to be!

There’s one musical theme that always makes me think of the music that plays when you’re wandering the Silmaria map in Dragon Fire. Can’t ever complain of finding connections between fandoms :D

I could comment on every little tone in Megumi’s voice, the nature of every movement she makes, the implication of everything she says, and how it all contributes toward the development of her character, but I’m too lazy. She’s just so good I don’t even.

I love how the approach to Kanryuu’s mansion manages, even without throwing Yahiko or lampicide, to capture the same feeling here as was present in canon. Have I mentioned how much I love this movie?

Most of the slow motion moments are OK or even extremely good, but there are a couple that almost seem like they made it in by accident… like someone brushed against the “slow motion” button and no one noticed it had happened until later.

I will have Kanryuu’s staircase, please.

OH SANO’S ADORABLE GRIN. Seriously, Saitou will eat that right up.

How many bullets are in those guns of Gein’s…?

Plate! Plate! Pan! Matte! Matte! Chicken! Wine!

(That’s my new song.)

At least Saitou gets to witness Sano’s freaking adorable surrender act. And you can just see in his eyes how much he wants to take Sano home and sponge the blood off him and lay him down in a nice soft bed and do some other things.

And Saitou just walks straight in and takes his sweet time. What a lovely person he can be *____*

I love how exhausted and drained Kenshin seems after Kaoru breaks out of the Shin no Ippou, how he doesn’t make a move to counter a potential attack from Jin’e until the very last possible moment.

Saitou’s shirt under his jacket is a little mussed in this last scene. What was he up to while Kenshin was dealing with Jin’e and Sano was also off-screen, hmmm?? Especially when, a bit later, Sano is sleeping soundly (and snoring gently; oh, Sano) as if more thoroughly worn out than he seemed the last time we saw him? These signs, I think, are clear!

Also, the pattern of blood on Sano’s gi is different in the last scene than it was in Kanryuu’s mansion. Not that that’s important.

Still a great movie.