Another dream I had: there was this entity that resembled nothing so much as a fairly nice blanket that was (a la Jam) devouring any organic material it touched. And apparently the space beneath my house was not just a few feet of air between floorboards and ground; there was, like, a whole stony grotto down there. Meaning that if the blanket-monster devoured the floor, it was a long drop to a hard and uneven surface.

There was some incoherent worry and maybe one of the neighbor’s yards had been eaten? and where were my siblings? and I dunno what else. But eventually this monster was in my room, on my bed, slowly eating its way through my bed. But I discovered that if I hit it with a rope, the monster would gradually wear away. It took about a bazillion hits to get rid of it completely, so I was fervently hoping there were no more monsters of this type hanging around, because my arm was really tired.

Today’s photo off my phone is one of an order delivery ticket from work:

This isn’t even all that interesting, but you can probably see why I still had to document it.

AHA HERE IS MY CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!