8 thoughts on “Today’s phone photos! YEAH

  1. Awww, she’s very pretty! She reminds me of the three stray cats that live around the corner from me. (One of the neighbors opens their garage for them to come in out of the cold, and they and another neighbor give them food.)

    1. I would have a very hard time not taking those cats right in forever XD Especially since my own darling baby was a stray also, once upon a time. Aaaaaaawwwww caaaaaaaaaaaaats

  2. what’s her name? what’s her name?
    kitties are great fun! even when they’re being a pain, they’re super cute.

    1. Her name is Tokio, but I so rarely call my pets by their names it doesn’t matter much XD “Waybee” is favorite right now, and “cat” is not uncommon.

      At the moment she is sniffing around under my computer table looking for a mouse she put there last night. Apparently she didn’t notice that it was dead outside my bedroom door this morning.

  3. dear kuroiyousei,
    There is so much to say, so little space to write. How can I possibly articulate how amazing it is that we have identical black cats? That you write amazing gundam wing fanfiction, my favorite? That we live in the same state?

    I think we were meant to be. Please marry me and be my wife partner.

    Lol, all joking aside, I’m glad i found this site. Keep writing!

    1. Aww! Identical black cats? GW fic is your favorite? The same state?? What a fantastic set of coincidences!! You may be right about destiny having a hand here.

      What part of Colorado do you live in? What is your cat’s name?

      I’m glad you like my GW fic :) Thanks very much! I’m glad you found me too!

      1. My cat’s name is Kenji. I wanted a manly name for him, since he is a very manly cat. Sometimes I call him kenji-chan, or ken-ken, or just cat. I rescued him about 2 years ago, so he’s still young.

        I live in Fort Collins, and try to go hiking in the foothills whenever I can. Also I spend a lot of time with my cat, lol, I am kind of a crazy cat lady…

        I read a fic that you posted on ff.net, and I thought ‘hey, it’s a gw fanfic on ff.net that’s actually good!’ (a rare enough occurrence to take note) so I looked to see if you had written anything more. That was how I found my way to this site.

        1. Kenji! That is awesome! What an excellent choice for a cat name! Though I’m glad to hear I’m not the only person to call her cat “cat.”

          I’m pretty sure I’ve been to Fort Collins to watch college football games in the past. Do football games happen there, or am I thinking of some other place? I can’t remember; I wasn’t the one driving, so I didn’t have to pay attention to where we were actually going XD Anyway, yay hiking! The hiking is very good around here at the foot of Pikes Peak :D

          Well, I’m glad you read the fic I have up on ff.n… it’s there specifically to try to get people to come here, so it looks like it’s done its job! And, again, I’m very glad you liked it!

          (Ugh, why am I not signed in. Because I’m at work; that’s why.)

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