Blanket things. I dunno.

Sometime when I’m less exhausted and more articulate, I will make a real entry explaining why I’m exhausted and inarticulate. But for now, have some more cell phone photos.

It’s entirely possible that everyone has already seen these, since I found them at Wal-Mart. These are off the sides of the display for these creepy little stuffed-figure-holding-a-blanket things. They’re more or less horrifying, but these two, at least, are also hilarious.



Cinderella seems to be attempting to prevent herself from expressing her thoughts on the matter, and Batman is just all over WTF.

2 thoughts on “Blanket things. I dunno.

  1. I’m having Cinderella x Cinderella thoughts after looking at her holding her blanket. The Batman blanket is just too weird for me to think anything else about it.

    1. Cinderella and Cinderella are practically canon after that scene where she harmonized with herself.

      (Because apparently that’s all it takes for me to ship someone.)

      Anyway, yes, what is even going on with Batman. I wish I’d gotten a less blurry picture.

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