Time for the mandatory weekend post, though I don’t have a lot to say about this week other than that Valentine’s Day was very badly timed this year. Intern times and work times combined into around fifty hours this week, and I wasn’t even used to the forty-oneish that’s become normal yet. On Thursday I spent almost thirteen hours at work; we did 460-some orders.

I could give some more details on stuff that’s happened, but I’m just… tired. I took a long bath yesterday because my legs and feet hurt so much, and that was nice even though a bath’s not something I usually waste time on. I think I’ve had some dreams lately, too, but I can’t really remember. I have a sweet cat. The End.

Dear everyone that makes DVD’s and shit: please stop encrypting everything. I paid for this media and I’m not selling illegal copies; I just want the damn thing in the file format I want it in where I want it. Cater to me now. The End For Real.