Nakitai toki ni wa pokeberu narashite yonde senshi no kyuusoku

Time for the mandatory weekend post, though I don’t have a lot to say about this week other than that Valentine’s Day was very badly timed this year. Intern times and work times combined into around fifty hours this week, and I wasn’t even used to the forty-oneish that’s become normal yet. On Thursday I spent almost thirteen hours at work; we did 460-some orders.

I could give some more details on stuff that’s happened, but I’m just… tired. I took a long bath yesterday because my legs and feet hurt so much, and that was nice even though a bath’s not something I usually waste time on. I think I’ve had some dreams lately, too, but I can’t really remember. I have a sweet cat. The End.

Dear everyone that makes DVD’s and shit: please stop encrypting everything. I paid for this media and I’m not selling illegal copies; I just want the damn thing in the file format I want it in where I want it. Cater to me now. The End For Real.

2 thoughts on “Nakitai toki ni wa pokeberu narashite yonde senshi no kyuusoku

  1. Hopefully you won’t be so busy at your work again until Easter. Good luck getting some rest this weekend.

  2. Oh, the hours! Having a schedule can be nice, but at the same time, totally draining, too. At least it’s in the past and America has no White Day.

    On the encryption thing…that’s my biggest “but what about” thing that keeps me putting off on the purchase of a real TV (as opposed the TVCR combo from the uni years, too antiquated to even connect to the DVD player only slightly less old). While new technology is fun, it DOES get annoying how all the upgrades can leave the average girl with average aspirations to use average forms of entertainment up shit creek without a paddle.

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