* Finish art exchange picture
* Laundry
* Edit this post to include real content
* Email about hours
* Email about package
* Clean up this room? AARRGH WHY IS MY VACUUM BROKEN
* Sweep hall
* Schedule Wednesday SR post
* Decide whether I’m posting new story today
* Touch up hair dye
* That can’t be all

All right, stuff in no particular order. First off, a rabbit named Momiji came in for a neuter. Without bothering to get into my thoughts on that series, I’ll just say that I got the reference and thought it was kinda cute. What I didn’t know was that the tech and the assistant were very curious about the origins and nationality of the name; I found them later looking it up online. I could have told them, but whatevs. Also I saw a bird get its nails trimmed and its wings clipped, and that was awesome.

The paperwork for the second half of this school program is all done and everything is set. After this internship is over, I get a whole freaking month of free time before the tech program officially starts, and even then it’s going to be eight weeks of dumb online classes. So I’ll have plenty of time to regain my enthusiasm for life if I can just survive the next six or seven weeks!

Speaking of enthusiasm… I finally managed to finish that nearly-finished HoH story I’ve had sitting around for a bazillion years, and now I’m like, ehh, do I really want to post this? Normally when I finish a story I can barely breathe until it’s posted, but at the moment I just don’t seem to care. Huh.

So I had this dream in which I was a spy of some sort (probably working for Saitou), and I needed to get information out of Shishio. Apparently I was either assigned or had decided it was a good idea to seduce him in order to attain this goal. There was something about wondering whether Yumi minded and Shishio assuring me that theirs was an open relationship and me thinking she was probably a lot more jealous than she was letting on… and then we got interrupted before we could have sex by this evidently crucial need to sort all the jelly beans into containers by flavor. That made me laugh pretty hard when I woke up.

I also dreamed that someone was starting a new RPG online of a modern RK AU, and nobody had yet volunteered to play Saitou. Ah, those were the days.

Oh, yeah, a thing I forgot (or didn’t have the energy) to mention after Valentine’s Day. So this EA I work at is seems to be a little difficult for people to find. It wasn’t difficult for me to find the first time without any directions from anyone, but I spend a lot of time on the phone at work giving people directions to it. And on Valentine’s Day, when phone calls came every moment, there was more of that even than usual.

So I’m talking to this guy, who’s driving around in the shopping center really quite close to where we are, telling him where to look and what to look for in order to find us. He sounds kindof annoyed and tired of driving around. But then all of a sudden he shouts out in excitement and great joy, “OH, SHIT, I THINK I SEE YOU NOW, MOTHERFUCKER!!” It made me laugh so hard I could barely finish the conversation. Definitely the best part of that day.

Man, it is snowing again. This past Thursday, everyone cancelled their appointments at clinic because of the snow, which caused some people to go home early, including me. So I have three intern hours to make up at the end, which is annoying. I came home that day thinking, Well, at least I have some free time, and then promptly fell asleep just trying to check my email XD

Oh, I totally forgot about that other dream! Where I’d bought these sandals that were platformy kinda deals that were so big and thick that they were able to be transparent and have cool stuff inside. Only then some spiders got inside and mated to produce about a billion baby spiders, so my sandals were filled with baby spiders. So I returned them to the seller for a different pair XD XD

OK, I’ve decided to go ahead and post this story. Let’s get to work on that. OK, that’s done. What an annoyingly random set of pages it decides to announce are new or whatever when I edit a bunch of stuff. That’s one of very few complaints I have about WordPress as opposed to LiveJournal. Now it’s time to sweep the hallway and check on my laundry.

I’m pretty sure I’ve said all I need to say in the “real content” portion of this entry, so I’ma go ahead and cross that one off.