I AM BACK. The internship is all over and everything is good. I have been very intensely busy catching up on sleep and rest and lying around and not being exhausted all the time. Now I have a month off before the next phase of school starts, and I can’t even express how nice that is or how much I’ve been looking forward to it. Being constantly extremely tired hasn’t quite worn off yet, and I don’t really have the energy to describe the internship or the people there or any of the stuff that happened that I haven’t mentioned. But I will mention a few dreams.

I dreamed that I was a wolf. A friend (also a wolf) and I were being chased by another wolf that was trying to kill us. But I fought her and killed her instead. I felt a little bad about doing this, but less so in that it was self-defense. But then my conscience started berating me. “Self-defense, sure, but why was she attacking you in the first place? You created this character and specifically made her evil, and then you killed her for doing exactly what you created her to do.” Which might have been a very just complaint if I’d been at all aware of the level of meta this dream was going to take XD

It’s always interesting when a dream I have was inspired by a recognizable influence or combination of influences from waking life, but that inspiration is simultaneously so vague and so specific that I can’t (or at least it’s not worth the effort to) describe it to anyone else.

I’ve had four or five Disneyland dreams since the last time I documented any dreams. In one of them, I was at Disneyland with Jujubii having lots of fun on a ride with rags that were apparently really funny. In another, Mostle insisted I go on their new Phantom of the Opera ride, based on a Disney cartoon version of the story in which Scrooge McDuck played Erik.

I also dreamed that there were a bunch of velociraptors and a t-rex wandering around. I was hiding under a rock outcropping, and at first it was pretty clearly to avoid these dinosaurs. But then it turned out that it was actually part of my spywork for Saitou, and there was no sign of the dinosaurs. Then there was a flood of milk or something that left waybee all covered in milk or something. I was toweling her off, and Saitou was unaccountably interested in this process.

I don’t even remember what-all dreams I’ve had. I’m just glad I’m back to a state where I can happily record them again.

Obviously, having neglected my journal for, like, six weeks, there’s a lot of stuff to tell about that isn’t even related to the internship. But it will probably come as no surprise that I don’t have the energy to try to think what it all is and tell all about it. Regular entries should resume from this point, however, and I’ll try to mention some of that stuff as it occurs to me in days to come. For now, The End.