Of course whenever I’m sick I feel the need to replace things like toothbrush and lip gloss to avoid recontaminating myself, and the question is always at what point in the illness to do this. I always just make my best guess. In any case, a new toothbrush is so satisfying that I don’t know why I don’t have one every day. And my new blackberry lip gloss smells like coffee, for some reason O_o

Oh, but as for being sick, that really does seem to be ending. Depending on how I feel after work today, I think I will indeed be able to start my exercising this evening. The nasal congestion (predictably) is looking like it’s going to last the longest, so I don’t know when I’ll be able to record some things. But improvement is improvement!

Speaking of improvement, I edited all of Plastic over the last few days. The fact that I updated it here may have been obvious to some. I still don’t know why some post edits show up as real updates, but I tried to get them all done at once on a day with no new posts. Sorry to anyone that got two jillion emails every two jillion seconds.

On that front, there are two stories left before Confrérie: the “how Saitou and Sano are doing” story, which is going to be a fairly important question after SR; and the last set of stuff that needs to happen with our other heroes before their next big adventure starts. Though “happen” may be a misleading term. Anyway, both of these stories are quite far along but progressing slowly.

As for Confrérie itself, I can’t remember if I mentioned… I probably didn’t, on account of intern times. I talked to Zombie Girl one day about the primary issues I had with the story as it stood, and managed to get those smoothed out and the entire thing solidified. Zombie Girl is best idea bounce.

Here’s a thing that happens sometimes, and this isn’t nearly as much a subject change as it seems: I start to doubt my allergies. I can’t possibly really be allergic to all that stuff, I think. I must be imagining or exaggerating. So I eat something, like a salad or some fruit or something, and thereby painfully reiterate to myself that my allergies are neither imagined nor exaggerated.

Well, sometimes I have an exactly parallel experience with fanfiction.net. It can’t possibly be as bad as I remember, I think. I can’t really loathe it as much as I think I do. And lately I’ve had the urge to put Plastic up there. This is partly out of desire to work up interest in Confrérie, which would undoubtedly start being posted before I finished putting all of Plastic up even if I went as fast as one part every other day (which I probably wouldn’t); but mostly out of the far more superficial desire to post a 100-part story on ff.n so the drop-down chapter menu would be really long XD

This isn’t a salad I’ll actually give in and eat, however. Though I think some people would read it, and it probably would generate some interest in Confrérie, there are some issues with the story (sex not the least) that make it incompatible with ff.n. This was obvious from the first, and of course my thoughts then jumped to posting SR there instead. But, while that would go up just fine, it would be unlikely to generate any interest in Confrérie even if anyone read it in the first place, and with only 40 parts would not satisfy my desire for a really big drop-down chapter menu. Plus posting anything would just remind me how much I hate fanfiction.net, so there you go. It was interesting to think about for a while, though.

I haven’t vacuumed my room yet. I think I never explained that my poor vacuum Enishi has broken in some manner or other, and that my parents’ vacuum is hell on my carpal tunnel. I straightened up my room in preparation for vacuuming, but haven’t yet been able to bring myself to carry that monster around and ruin my comfort for the next however long. It has to happen sometime, though.

In conclusion, I dreamed I got to hold a sweet rabbit ^__^