Colorado Springs:

Despite this, the roads were just fine as I headed for work today. Despite this, the car randomly died with no prior symptoms. Despite this, I was only about forty minutes late to work. Magic! (That picture’s of my back yard, actually.)

For THREE DAYS IN A ROW NOW I have done my exercise as planned! I walk the treadmill for the length of one episode (usually minus ending theme) and then stretch for the length of another. Lesta and I have been watching BSSM, but when he’s not around I use TNE so as not to watch episodes he needs to see. I am so pleased that I have started my new exercising so well! Now we shall see if I can keep it up.

I am also pleased that I got a renewal of my Facemagic Awesomestuff prescription that ran out, like, last December or so. Since that time, the acne I really shouldn’t have to put up with at the age of thirty-two has crept back up on my poor face like evil ninja on… some place evil ninja creep up on. Now, with Facemagic Awesomestuff, I can beat it back again!!!! Triumph!!

Tomorrow is a day off work, and I intend that it shall be productive. It shall be especially productive if I can actually get to sleep in a timely fashion tonight, unlike last night, so as to rise sometime before, like, noon. My back hurt so much last night I didn’t fall asleep until after three-thirty-ish. And even though I slept in, I am kinda tired now. Which I think has made this entry a little more silly than it needed to be. So I shall go to bed.