Damn, girl! You so freaking sexy!

Colorado Springs:

Despite this, the roads were just fine as I headed for work today. Despite this, the car randomly died with no prior symptoms. Despite this, I was only about forty minutes late to work. Magic! (That picture’s of my back yard, actually.)

For THREE DAYS IN A ROW NOW I have done my exercise as planned! I walk the treadmill for the length of one episode (usually minus ending theme) and then stretch for the length of another. Lesta and I have been watching BSSM, but when he’s not around I use TNE so as not to watch episodes he needs to see. I am so pleased that I have started my new exercising so well! Now we shall see if I can keep it up.

I am also pleased that I got a renewal of my Facemagic Awesomestuff prescription that ran out, like, last December or so. Since that time, the acne I really shouldn’t have to put up with at the age of thirty-two has crept back up on my poor face like evil ninja on… some place evil ninja creep up on. Now, with Facemagic Awesomestuff, I can beat it back again!!!! Triumph!!

Tomorrow is a day off work, and I intend that it shall be productive. It shall be especially productive if I can actually get to sleep in a timely fashion tonight, unlike last night, so as to rise sometime before, like, noon. My back hurt so much last night I didn’t fall asleep until after three-thirty-ish. And even though I slept in, I am kinda tired now. Which I think has made this entry a little more silly than it needed to be. So I shall go to bed.

2 thoughts on “Damn, girl! You so freaking sexy!

  1. You had snow, and I walked around without a jacket yesterday (even in the morning). It’s amusing since I live further north than you do (but not in the mountains).

    My face finally cleared up when I went through menopause. I hope you don’t have to wait that long for clear skin.

    Have fun today!

    1. Spring snow here is lovely… it’s not as cold as winter snow and usually stays off the roads, so it’s like all the awesome parts of snow without the greatest inconveniences :D

      This stuff I have a new prescription for is a topical antibiotic, and it’s been a miracle drug for me in the past. Hopefully it will be again! That said, menopause also kinda sounds like a miracle XD

      Now I have to decide what to work on first!!

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