So we kick it up because you know we good to go

Ah, how successful I have been at having a productive day! I reached linear completion on Fast Decisions, which should therefore be ready to post in a timely manner after SR is done (so probably somewhere in the vicinity of two weeks from now). Such progress gives me great confidence that I can get Cross-Cancellation finished sometime in the next century too! I’m excited for Confrérie! It is so Quatre’s turn.

In less awesome news, it appears that mom’s car is truly dead; some belt that will cost at least $1,600 to replace broke, and on a twelve-year-old car that is about the same as truly dead. Parents are talking about taking from me all the money I have saved for a car and putting that toward a down payment on a new one, then having me help with monthly payments and take the thing entirely when I eventually move out. This is extraordinarily kind of them; what cool parents I have.

I dreamed I was playing an FPS in which, when you got a new gun, the game would simply inform you that you’d gotten it — it wasn’t actually programmed into the game. So I would have to mime the use of the gun and imitate the sound of the gun in order for it to work. I was trying to kill an enemy, and he was mocking my imitation of the sound of a shotgun. He and his monster minion did fall down after I shot them, but he was lying there talking about how that wouldn’t really kill him… so I stabbed them both several times with a screwdriver (which was actually programmed into the game) just to be sure.

There are a lot of depictions of violence I don’t like much, and I sometimes don’t enjoy video games where I have to kill other humans. I’m picky about this, and it would take too long to explain what does and doesn’t bother me, but the game in this dream was definitely bordering on the type of thing that bothers me. Which I think is why there was a cutscene within the game that showed one of the monsters killing a woman’s baby — so that I would feel less bad about killing the guy that controlled the monsters. I’m still not entirely happy about any dream in which I stab someone multiple times, but at least I knew I was preventing any more baby-killing. Hopefully :\

2 thoughts on “So we kick it up because you know we good to go

  1. That really is nice of your parents! I hope it all works out. Maybe you can post a picture of the car when you get it. *hint,hint*

    It is so Quatre’s turn.

    This is where I wish I could use LJ icons. My Quatre “topping” icon would be so perfect. :-)

    1. A Kia Rio is what’s been mentioned. Pictures indicate that they’re pretty nice-looking. If I had one, I might have to name it PSY. Perhaps even WET PSY.

      Just referring to the icon in question is enough, since I can easily picture it :D :D Unfortunately, it’s not Quatre’s turn for anything nearly so pleasant. The truth is that in Plastic, Quatre kinda suffered least of any of the four and created an imbalance in the Force. Which does not in any way mean I’m done torturing Trowa.

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