Perhaps inspired by Fast Decisions, as I had hoped, Cross-Cancellation is being pretty cooperative. This is fantastic and makes me very happy. I’ve also started a music video and made some really good progress on that. How exciting and delightful is life!

The idea I mentioned a few days ago as not terribly serious — that of posting some HoH story at — has still been nagging at me. Its latest incarnation is this: if I were to post both Seeing Red and Plastic at the same time, I could get through the entirety of one (which has a rating compatible with ff.n) and forty parts of the other (not enough to include any sex) over a period of 120 days, and by the time that was done I would be about ready to start posting Confrérie.

The truth is, I like to be posting. And though I may have the odd chapter up (ASZz or HR, for example) while I’m working on getting Confrérie ready, things are still sure to feel really stagnant if I’m not actively putting something up every X days. But I don’t know if posting something not on my own actual archive would satisfy this urge; I don’t know whether I wouldn’t get ten parts in, remember how much I loathe ff.n, and stop XD Especially since I’m likely to pull down anything I post there not long after its run is finished anyway.

The other problem with this idea — which you can see I’m giving more serious thought than before, probably because it just won’t go away — is that whipping up a bit more interest in Confrérie is still not all that likely to be accomplished by posting less than half of Plastic, which makes the exercise feel a little pointless.

And yet the drop-down chapter menu is still alluring, especially when I think about putting the official dates in there…

I guess we’ll see.